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Wednesday, Dec. 6
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Goodbye, 2008. See you next year

No crystal ball, no tarot card, not even Ms. Cleo could have correctly hypothesized IU’s season up to this point.

2008, as we all know, was supposed to encompass the resurgence of Hoosier football.

After last season’s bowl appearance, the IU bandwagon neared full and was eager to begin a 12-game joy ride to the postseason again.

But Saturday’s 37-34 loss to Central Michigan plummeted the Hoosiers’ tank to just about empty and killed any miracle of reaching a December destination.

Seeing a backup MAC quarterback stand toe-to-toe with a Big Ten team was the last straw for me.

I was fully expecting CMU quarterback Dan LeFevour to take the snaps. And when I heard LeFevour was out and realized the unknown Brian Brunner was in, I prematurely checked off a Hoosier win.

Boy, was that a dumb move or what?

Brunner not only exceeded my expectations, but both sidelines’ as well. His 485 passing yards against IU is the highest single-game total in CMU history. Fitting a performance so illustrious occurred in Bloomington this season, right?

In his postgame news conference, CMU coach Butch Jones told the media LeFevour could have played on Saturday. But with his usual starter not 100 percent, he was certain his back-up could handle the challenge, even if it was to beat a Big Ten team, if that’s what the Hoosiers call themselves.

“I think you saw all the confidence we have in (Brunner) with our play selection,” Jones said. “We trust him. He defeated some tight coverage. Dan could have played, but it goes back to having confidence in Brian.”

IU coach Bill Lynch and his Hoosiers in no way, shape or form deserve to play 13 this season, because they simply can’t adjust to their opposition. It happened in Minnesota, against Iowa and on Saturday, too.

Jones’ play calling evolved around Brunner because his team’s running game was ineffective.

The Chippewas managed a mere two yards on the ground in the first half. Conversely, Brunner passed for 248 yards in the first 30 minutes.

Can someone please tell me why the Hoosiers didn’t stack the secondary when an opposing tailback was missing? IU had to know Brunner was on pace to throw for nearly 500 yards.

I’m honestly not surprised Lynch and company didn’t counter CMU’s thrashing air attack.

Coach, you and your staff just don’t get it, do you?

When the opposing offense excels only in one area, your defense should focus on that and nothing else.

Why put more defenders on the line if you’re getting killed in the open field and with the long ball? Your defense might have logged seven sacks, but they still relinquished almost half-a-million passing yards.

Seeing his team surrender the lead in the fourth quarter without showing any signs of resiliency, junior linebacker Will Patterson was nearly speechless after the game. But what he did say summed up this embarrassing season perfectly.

“I really don’t know what to say,” Patterson said. “A lot of the guys just played like they wanted (to win). A select few just didn’t at times. That’s pretty much the outcome.”

Will, you hit the nail right on the head. Your season might be as ugly as they come, but some teammates don’t have the heart of a “true” Hoosier.

And that’s IU football for you – where success, spirit and spunk don’t come easy.

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