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Knight right to tell students to move on

University needs to begin again after firing, get back to educating students

Former basketball coach Bob Knight addressed the student body Wednesday, telling students he would eventually move on to a new coaching position and to other chapters of his life. He urged students to move on, too ' to keep supporting the basketball team without him and to take advantage of the unique opportunities this University provides. \nCoach Knight was right, and his message was just what students needed to hear.\nIt's hard for many to imagine Indiana basketball without Coach Knight. Students who came out to see him speak wore T-shirts saying, "Coach Knight is Indiana" or bearing Sunday's date and the caption "The day IU died." For many, it genuinely feels that this campus, and this basketball program, cannot continue without "The General."\nKnight said Assembly Hall will probably look different from now on, since ads will probably now litter its walls. It will feel different, too, without Knight there to lead the team and rally fans. But the players will still be there, and they will still be working hard to win games and represent this University. Hang on to those season tickets. Just as they are dedicated players, it's our job to be dedicated fans.\nAs we move on with our own lives, it's important to let other students do so as well. As Knight said in his speech, the Harvey brothers ' who have suffered so much ridicule in the face of Knight's firing ' deserve to be able to live free from fear. It's time to stop casting the blame. Just as any other students, these young men deserve a normal college experience. \nFor a week, IU has basked in the glow of an international media spotlight. Now, those camera crews will slowly pack up and drive away, leaving the campus eerily quiet and empty. With the spotlight fading, it's time for all of us to take a deep breath and focus on the reason why we are here in the first place ' education. This campus still offers so many amazing opportunities, from sports to classes to the arts, and students should, as Knight said, take advantage of every single experience they can.\nThis week has been one of the most memorable in IU history. Most will never forget anything that has transpired on this campus; we have all had the chance to make memories. But that is just what all of this should be now. We have classes to attend, friends to meet and a whole new basketball season just around the corner. Instead of looking back, it's time to look forward to those things.\nIt's time to get on with the business of living.

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