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Dissent: Stand proud Bob, we're behind you

Bob Knight is certainly not the most persecuted man in all of history. He could hardly be compared with Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. or Jesus. But the crazed jackals of the media seem to find it appropriate to feed on the salty blood of the wounded whenever a public figure falls. They're more concerned with the circulation and ratings that cheap tabloid sensationalism brings than with actual newsworthiness. \nIn May, the trustees handed Bob Knight a punishment as a result of the findings in an extensive, seven-week investigation. During the time of the inquiry of Knight's 29-year coaching career at IU, his face appeared on newspapers and magazines across the country. He was splashed across the 6 p.m. news for millions of Americans to view. He has been in the spotlight and the topic for every news critic. \nNow, even after Knight's punishment has been handed down and the zero-tolerance policy been instated, he is still making the news. It seems everyone is gritting their teeth, just waiting for Knight to screw up. \nOpinions are good and criticism has its place, but now is the time for everyone to lay off. Bob Knight has a job to do. If Knight trips over his own shoe laces, everyone can jump on the mudslinging bandwagon and take a trip to the printing press or the TV station. \nThe question of the day seems to be: Would you take a semester off of teaching if you knew everyone in the country was scrutinizing your every move?\nThe resounding answer is "Hell, yeah."\nBob Knight is the most recognizable coach of any sport at any level of all time.\nIt was once said, "If the world just focused on his coaching resume, he would be a legend."\nKnight's three national championships and 750-plus victories speak for themselves. His withdrawal from teaching at the school of Health, Physical Education and Recreation is understandable, considering the recent attacks on his character. Knight taught for free, as a volunteer for the school. \nAfter 29 years, with all of the accolades and accomplishments Knight has achieved, the University is only now giving him guidelines to follow.\nNo. No. No. Don't think so. Show some support for Coach. \nAnd stop breathing down his neck.

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