Housing & Living Guide Fall 2015

Renting the right way

Renting the right way

Many students choose to rent, but should be aware of their rights and available services before signing the lease. Read more

Simple recipes to make without a meal plan

Try these simple recipes for a quick meal.  Read more

Free Parking around IU

A brief guide to free parking on IU's campus to avoid a ticket Read more

Moving off-campus brings new expenses

Understand the costs of living off-campus. Read more

Are you ready for a pet commitment?

Are you ready for a pet commitment?

When students move off campus, the possibility of a pet opens up for them. Read more

Budgeting helps cut down spending costs

Budgeting will make you more cautious of your spending. Read more

Quick tips for decorating

Moving to a new space always brings new opportunities for decorating. Read more

Decorating for cheap

Decorating for cheap

Find directions for DIY art prints, garlands and gallery walls.  Read more

Too loud? Hear what happens

Consequences for noise complaints range from warnings to fines and/or arrest. Read more

Keep your space organized with simple steps

There are several solutions to keep things in order. Read more

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