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Gather carries an assortment of stickers similar to Oak, but sometimes the stickers’ messages can cause offense. For example, Gather’s Instagram page recently posted a picture of a Joe Biden sticker that someone had intentionally destroyed. The post encouraged customers to respect the safe space that Gather strives to maintain.

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An LGBT pride goods display includes coasters, socks and underwear. Before Talia Holiday decided to use her business as a platform to make political statements, she said Gather was the primary place to find LGBT merchandise in Bloomington.

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A customer pulls down his mask to sniff a row of organic soaps made by Perennial Soaps. According to their website, their soap recipe consists of plant-based ingredients and oils and is free of unnecessary chemicals.

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A cluster of 4-inch potted pilea peperomias decorate a shelf. Also known as the Chinese money plant, Talia Holiday said that the pilea peperomias are popular with college students because they are small enough to keep in dorms and relatively easy to care for.

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Allie McHaley, communications manager, shows off an earring she made by hand. She said she uses a technique known as electroforming, a metal forming process using organic materials coated in a layer of metallic paint. Her art can be found on display in Gather or in her online store, Allie & Tess.

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Oak, local entrepreneur Talia Holiday’s new store sits on the corner of Fourth Street and Grant Street and primarily sells houseplants. She said she decided to open it after Gather Shoppe, her first brick and mortar business, found overwhelming success in selling them.

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