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Duncan Teater

Black history month

MLK day is short, celebratory and over before the ice-cream melts. And that's how us white folks like it. But if Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a short-lived celebration, then Black History Month is an unfulfilled commitment. That's right. Black History Month. You know…this month?

Searching for the right words

Infinite Justice. That's what we might be calling the war. It's a pretty tall order, but it goes right along with President George W. Bush's promise to "rid the world of evil-doers." I'm just waiting for him to stand in front of the White House, and, to the strains of thunder and lightning, proclaim that "By the Power of Greyskull, I am President He-Man."

Even Osama needs PR help

Dear Mr. bin Laden, Although Thomas E. Ricks of The Washington Post (Feb. 25) reports that you might still be alive and kicking in the rugged territory between Afghanistan and Pakistan, you seem like a distant memory over here in the states. I wonder if they're still selling Osama voo-doo dolls in Times Square.

Distracting the public eye

Dear Dr. Brehm, As you prepare to take on the duties of Bloomington chancellor, I feel the need to tell you I can't imagine IU without basketball -- try as I might, I simply cannot.

World to America: Why now?

Now that we have bombed Afghanistan, we must ask whether throwing devastation at an already devastated country has really done anything to prevent terrorism, punish a global network of anti-American terrorists and enlarge our understanding of a confusing international web of cause and effect.

Bush family 'talking heads'

Who's the television president? Bill Clinton wins that one hands down, right? Only if you ignored the 2000 push to market George W. Bush as the low-acid orange juice alternative. Tastes good, and won't make you queasy in the morning. But ever since the ceiling caved in on the new economy ... or is it that the floor fell out from underneath? Whatever.

Covering our bases

"Terrorism worldwide. . . has plummeted since the end of the Cold War and in the United States, it is virtually nonexistent. U.S. Intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials have yet to document a single serious threat to the United States involving terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction. And many arms control officials and scientists say the chances of such an attack are close to zero." This comes from a year-old issue of the liberal magazine, Mother Jones.

Thunder in the Heartland

If it were a movie, I'd call it "Thunder in the Heartland." That low, rumbling noise is coming from Martinsville. It all began with Martinsville Assistant Police Chief Dennis Nail's letter to the Martinsville Reporter-Times, in which he ruminated on all the things that just plain tick him off. An article WHEN from the Associated Press quotes Nail: "It offends me when I have to give up prayer in school. Once again because it might upset Hadji Hindu or Buddy Buddha ... When I look around I see no Mosque, or fat, bald guys with bowls in their laps. I see churches.

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