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Aaron Sharockman

Chapter 12: Silenced

Through 1,700 miles, seven days, three cities, two hotels, and one massive sickness, there has always been music.

Chapter 11: They marched ... they slept

Amy was made for a peace protest. One day after the bombs started falling over Baghdad, Amy happened upon a large group marching against the war in downtown New Orleans -- her dream incarnate.

Chapter 10: The One-Liners

Ten…" We counted down like the rest of America. "Nine…eight…seven." Here we go; after months of anticipation. "Six…five." This is so exciting. "Four…three." I hope our families are watching. "Two." Bourbon Street can wait.

The Last Break

There were two things in Carruthersville, Mo. The casino and us. After about 30 seconds it was clear that neither belonged. "That's all there is," Stacey said, who navigated the trip.

The Last Break

There were two things I needed on my spring break trip with seven of my closest friends. The first was a notebook to record their thoughts.

Chapter 6: It's Bessie

Three days into the trip, Dave wanted to know how these chapters were coming. I told him well but that he wasn't really in them. "Come on, I do interesting things," Dave said while we stood on a bus shuttling us back downtown from Sun Studios -- a recording house used by all the greats including Elvis himself. We were on a roundabout way back to our hotel.

Chapter 5: Lorraine's Legacy

It was only March, but it was already hot in Memphis, Tenn. The air conditioner was roaring as the sun smashed through our thick curtain and penetrated two riverfront hotel rooms.

The last break

Fight IU spring breakers were warned twice in hotels to keep quiet during their six nights in Memphis, Tenn. and New Orleans.

The last break

Luke never lost that childhood fantasy growing up. He's going to be a rock star. He already has the look and swagger. Now he's working on the music. Luke, Toby and Jarrett started a band this fall. Their songs -- recorded in Luke's basement -- have already impressed some people in the music industry.

The last break

Well, this seems like it would be the same," Toby said as the two-car caravan sped onto I-64 headed southwest into Illinois en route to Memphis, Tennessee. The eight travelers in two cars starting their spring break ended up not being lost at all.

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Sara Cole teaches students stress-relieving yoga exercises in the area outside Woodburn Hall Wednesday afternoon. Cole demonstrates "The Tree" with a student. The exercises are part of Cole's stress management class.

A student demonstrates the "CAREband" on her arm developed by senior Shannon Hogan. All proceeds from the "CAREband" will be donated to the Red Cross. "CAREbands" are distributed at the Student Activities Desk in the Indiana Memorial Union.

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