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Tuesday, Feb. 27
The Indiana Daily Student

The last break

Chapter 4: Brains and Blues

Fight IU spring breakers were warned twice in hotels to keep quiet during their six nights in Memphis, Tenn. and New Orleans. \nSadly neither was directly related to alcohol. In New Orleans, they recreated a skit on a seldom heard of HBO sketch comedy show for Luke's video camera. Stacey was the cameraperson. Jamie played the roll of hysterical laugher.\nI think it was the shrill laughter that got to the neighbor.\n"Could you keep it down?" he asked.\n"Sure. Sorry. It's OK. We were just filming a skit," said Stacey, who answered the pounding on the door.\n"Well, if you're going to do that, take it to Bourbon Street. People are trying to sleep."\nIn Memphis, the complaint was more official. A hotel employee said they were disturbing the guests. The truth is that portion of spring break was equally disturbing.\nThe eight spent their second night of break playing a board game called Catch Phrase. It's Hot Potato meets Taboo. Dave's play was a combination of confusion and malapropisms, though he thought otherwise. You judge.\nThe word is "flood."\nDave's clue: "Lot of water."\nAfter some guessing and reasoning, Luke finally got to the right answer, but not before "lake" and "Europe" were guessed.\nLuke got Dave's answer right on the first guess next time. Though, who knows why? Dave's clue -- while the orb pings away in his hand -- "If you're not tough, you're …"\nLogic dictates the answer should be cowardly or perhaps weak. Maybe scared or shy. But no, the correct answer, which Luke was so quick to answer, was rough. \nIf you're not tough you're rough? That makes sense.\nIt did to Luke, though. That's why the group thought Dave was a good player. They said he was able to connect with his teammates in such a way that he didn't need the best, most concise descriptions.\nI don't get it. Here's why.\nAs the game neared its end, the orb was once again in the hands of Dave at a crucial moment of a close contest.\nHe stumbled out of the gates on the word he saw. But time was running short.\n"Breakfast food … maple syrup … pancakes … human body," Dave said.\nWhat was he talking about? Time was nearly out.\n"Breakfast food … organ," Dave said.\n"Pancreas!"\nBut everyone's luck has to run out eventually.\nRead Chapter 5: Lorraine's Legacy, Wednesday.

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