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Tuesday, Dec. 5
The Indiana Daily Student

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Dad's bucket

Nobody is quite sure whose idea it was to bring the buckets to Nick’s. The idea for a drinking club using buckets came from a bar someone visited in Wyoming in the early 1970s. The 120 tin buckets were hung on 120 hooks above the main bar for elite regulars.


Suspended justice

Janice Renn, mother of Kim Camm, now wears her daughter's locket with photos of her grandchildren Brad and Jill as toddlers tucked inside. Janice and Frank Renn blame David for the murders of their eldest daughter and only grand kids. "It's hard for me to believe, but I'm convinced Dave had done this," Frank Renn said.


After the fall

Angi Fiege stands at the grave of her 19 year old daughter Rachael, who died Aug. 23, 2013 after falling down a set of stairs at her first party at IU. In the months after her death, Rachael's family and friends have been burdened by misconceptions of who their daughter was and what really happened to her that night.

Barber Hyscel Ward

Barbers of Bloomington


 Fred Rumple is the owner and master barber stylist at The Golden Shear near East Third Street and South Jordan Avenue. He is of medium height and hefty build. His hair is white and, like all barbers, is well combed. He has a bright face and jolly demeanor. If you were to add a beard and a big red hat, Fred Rumple could be Santa Claus.