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The immigration bait and switch

(Not fact checked yet -LB)We know that in this great nation that not taking an action still says a lot about someone.

Who's really to blame

Whether you’re always glued to your phone or find yourself endlessly refreshing Twitter, chances are you’ve heard about the leaked photos of various female celebrities this past weekend.An unidentified hacker accessed the iCloud accounts of Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kate Upton and several others and posted private nude photographs of the female actresses on the Web.

A different kind of progress

In an unfortunate, yet sadly unsurprising, turn of events, another NBA team owner has found himself the center of a racial scandal.

The f-word

Despite the movement’s best efforts, a major branding failure has resulted in a generation of women and men alike who are reluctant to identify themselves as feminists. A YouGov study published in 2013 found that only 28% of Americans identified themselves as feminists before hearing the official definition: one who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. After hearing that definition, that statistic jumped to 57%.

The bathroom binary

Any girl who has been to a movie theater, sporting event, or mall knows the struggle of a long waiting line for the bathroom.

Now trending: high-waisted misogyny, a blog about college life, recently posted an article titled, “Why Girl Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts.”The article was posted on my newsfeed by many female friends, all of

Internet safety

When hackers stole nude photos of celebrities this past weekend, it was a crime of theft.

Age has no impact on the road to victory

Some say that Federer is past his prime. I say not.Here’s a disclaimer? Federer is my favorite tennis player, so of course I want him to win.

The group project dilemma

There’s not one person in this entire university that jumps for joy when the professor assigns students into groups for a project.

Living while distracted

There are hundreds of statistics highlighting how dangerous glancing away from the road for a mere five seconds can be (which, at 55mph will get you the length of a football field), and yet people still get in their cars with phone in hand.

21st century modesty

In today’s age, the call to combat slut shaming and the negative stereotypes associated with short hems and crop tops have inadvertently created a stigma against women who decide to wear less revealing clothing.Whether the motivation for modesty is rooted in pride or religious principle, it is just as celebratory to cover up the majesty of the female form as it is to flaunt it.These opposing views of the female form create a dichotomy of perfection that is as dangerous as it is, occasionally,

Nutty attraction

Last week, I was on the couch with my boyfriend watching an episode of "Will & Grace" that I had seen a thousand times before when, during a commercial break, something strange caught our attention.The commercial was for a Payday candy bar.

Respect and protect nature

Joanna Zelman, executive editor of the Dodo, posted a compelling piece about the dangers of human insensitivity on her blog.The Dodo, as the name might suggest, helps endangered animals and raises awareness about threats to habitats and animal welfare.

Dear american students

No matter your fluency with Mandarin, it doesn’t take long for you to learn the word for “foreigner” when you’re in China.

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