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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Why I'm amped for Amplify's policies

On April 8 and 9, students will be berated with fliers, handouts, buttons, sunglasses and platform talking points.

Yes, it is that time of year. IU Student Association elections are upon us again.

Last year, I ran with PLUS for IUSA, an unopposed incumbent ticket that made waves with its charismatic, progressive team.

The PLUS Administration, headed by President Andy Braden, has made large strides in reforming Counseling & Psychological Services, forging new partnerships to lower textbook prices and expanding ?student outreach.

With the PLUS ticket I ran for Congress, where we’ve passed legislation to provide free psychiatric care for survivors of sexual assault, to create more gender-neutral restrooms on campus and to allow students who may be transgender or non-binary conforming to use their preferred name on their student ID.

This year’s ?administration has been the most productive administration in recent history.

As someone who ran with PLUS, I know firsthand the leadership that has bettered IUSA during the past year.

Now, there ought to be a disclaimer on this column.

This year, after being approached by both INTouch and Amplify — two tickets of the three tickets running for IUSA this year — I chose to support Amplify.

This year, as students approach the polls, I urge them to keep three words in mind — progress, experience, and stability.

In regards to progress, Amplify has a platform of realistic, attainable goals it has already begun ?working on.

If elected, its team pledges to hit the ground running. Meanwhile, INTouch and Unify, the third ticket running for IUSA, have policy points that are often broad or vague ?in nature.

Amplify also has a ?combined 10 years of IUSA experience on its executive slate, overpowering both INTouch and Unify.

Unify, specifically, has zero experience with IUSA, which could prove ?crippling to the ?administration.

INTouch has some experience, but still less than Amplify, proving Amplify by far knows best how to work the ropes of a new ?administration.

Amplify has also maintained a stable, ?experienced team since day one.

Unify actually had its past chief of staff, Sam Strong, drop from the ticket. She has since been replaced by Stephen Moors, a freshman with no experience in IUSA.

Additionally, the INTouch ticket had its vice president of Congress candidate, Ty Nocita, drop from the ticket to be replaced by Jalen Watkins as recently as last week.

Overall, Amplify for IUSA is a ticket that is ?brimming with experience, knows how to walk the walk of an executive administration and has remained strong and focused as ?a team.

I wholeheartedly believe in this ticket’s ability to create a stronger, better, more student-centered IUSA, just as it has been ?doing for the past year.

There is a reason I chose to support Amplify for IUSA instead of INTouch for IUSA — I believe that, in this case, experience and focus can better the student body more than broad promises.

I am voting for Amplify on April 8 and 9 because I want a better IU for future Hoosiers.

I’m #Amped to be working with and supporting the best ticket in this election.

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