Miss-N-Out update

By Brian Buckey
Published Mar 29, 2008 6:02 pm

Hey everyone. I just got back from the track after a very competitive day of racing. After all was said and done, Isaac Neff of Black Key Bulls won for the men and Sarah Rieke of Teter successfully defended her Miss-N-Out crown from last year.

The unofficial men's results went as follows:

  1. Isaac Neff-Black Key Bulls
  2. Clayton Feldman-Cutters
  3. Nick Sovinski-Phi Delta Theta
The rest of the final heat included Sigma Alpha Mu's Stephen Quay, Delta Sigma Pi's Tyler George and Phi Delta Theta's Matt Kain.

For the women, Teter dominated once again with the top two finishers and four of the top six finalists. The results looked like this:

  1. Sarah Rieke-Teter
  2. Erin Hetzel-Teter
  3. Jessica Lander-Delta Gamma
Rounding out the final heat were Jackie Moeller and Sydney Hatten of Teter and Jenna Cerone of Kappa Delta.

What are your thoughts? Anything surpising about the final heats or was it pretty much what you expected?

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