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Sunday, April 14
The Indiana Daily Student

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IUSG election open through Wednesday


The IU Student Government election opened at 10 a.m., Monday, and will be open until 10 p.m., March 20. 

Students can vote via BeINvolved, according to the IUSG by-laws. 

There are 20 student representative positions up for election in Congress’s academic-based districts. These elected representatives will serve a one-year term beginning April 3.  

Additionally, any vacant residential-based seats will be on the ballot. Those elected to fill these vacancies will serve the remainder of the seat’s current term, which ends Oct. 7. According to the IU Student Government website, there are 17 residential vacancies and two unappointed residential-based seats.  

The election will also decide the IUSG president and vice president for the one-year term beginning April 15. There are four presidential campaigns.  

UNITED for IUSG, led by presidential candidate Dylan Schutte and vice-presidential candidate Reese Wiley, aims to improve campus safety infrastructure, advocate for more environmental efforts on campus, increase transparency in IUSG and allocate more funding toward cultural centers. 

NEXUS for IUSG has presidential candidate Anshu Roja Selvamani and vice-presidential candidate Lidia Yang. They hope to advocate on behalf of transfer students and underrepresented minorities, establish more inclusive dining options, campaign for the creation of a Middle Eastern culture center and raise the minimum wage for student employees, which is currently $10.15 an hour. 

Presidential candidate Shraavya Pydisetti and vice-presidential candidate Prathamesh Badve are on the UNITE IU for IUSG ticket. They want to focus on academics and student life by advocating for more co-major plans, IU website accessibility and inclusive dining plans. 

FUSE for IUSG, led by presidential candidate Cooper Tinsley and vice-presidential candidate Nicole Santiuste, plans to focus on campus safety, create more gender-neutral bathrooms, advocate for a tuition freeze to prevent administrators from increasing tuition and provide an endowment for a Sexual Assault Survivors Fund. 

The election manager will announce the preliminary election results March 25-26, according to the IUSG Spring 2024 election campaign guide. The results will not be final until they are certified by the Supreme Court.  

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