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Sunday, April 14
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Meet the candidates for IUSG president, vice president and their platforms


There are four campaigns in the running for IUSG’s presidential election: United for IUSG, NEXUS for IUSG, Unite IU for IUSG and FUSE for IUSG. The voting period will occur between March 18-20.  

Here are the campaigns: 


The UNITED for IUSG ticket includes presidential candidate Dylan Schutte and vice-presidential candidate Reese Wiley. Schutte is a junior studying Public Analysis, Political Science and Economics and is an intern for the City of Bloomington on the Board of Housing Quality Appeals. Wiley is a junior studying Law and Public Policy. She founded the Pre-Law Association at IU and is a leader in Women in Law.  

According to the UNITED Official Platform, Schutte and Wiley will focus their efforts on safety, unity and equity. They hope to work toward initiatives including improving the campus safety infrastructure by creating more crosswalks and adding additional night routes to the bus system, engaging with student organizations, and allocating more funding toward cultural centers on campus. Additional policies include advocating for increased campus-wide environmental efforts, educational and financial transparency within IUSG and parking for student employees.  

“Dylan and I have been so overwhelmed by the incredible connections we've made, the conversations we've had, and the support we've been given by the student body,” Wiley said over email. “If put into office, we want to start right away during the first week to create lasting change, and most importantly, make our campus UNITED.” 

Finally, the United ticket has the goal of making everyone on campus feel respected and included.  

Some of their policy initiatives to promote campus unity and promote diversity include: 

  • Begin the “Hoosier Hype Initiative” 
  • Organize events and activities that bring people together 
  • Ensure that student leaders and organizations are heard and supported 
  • Make campus more accessible by providing things like personal care products and mapping gender-neutral bathrooms 
  • Improve housing policies to accommodate transgender and non-binary students  
  • Provide training to help people recognize and address biases  
  • Create more prayer rooms on campus 
  • Make it easier for students to take time off for religious observances 


Presidential candidate Anshu Roja Selvamani and vice-presidential candidate Lidia Yang are on the ticket for NEXUS for IUSG. Roja Selvamani is a sophomore studying Computer Science, Data Science and entrepreneurship and is a Congressional representative for the Central Neighborhood. 

She is also a peer mentor for the Asian Culture Center. Yang is a sophomore studying Human Biology and is a student advisor of the Deans Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion, a New Student Orientation Leader and is an International Student Ambassador.  

According to the NEXUS Official Platform, Roja Selvamani and Yang are focusing their efforts on uplifting underrepresented minorities on campus, advocating for transfer students and establishing more inclusive dining options on campus. They hope to accommodate for a range of dietary restrictions and preferences including vegan, pescetarian, gluten-free and more. Additionally, they plan to advocate for the creation of a Middle Eastern Culture Center and increased funding for other culture centers and increase the minimum student employee wage, which is currently $10.15.   

NEXUS also has plans to make IU’s campus as inclusive as possible. Some of their ideas include: 

  • Establish a commission that brings together representatives from different culture centers and student organizations focused on empowering minority students 
  • Host cross-cultural events to foster relationships between different communities 
  • Collaborate with different culture centers for educational events  
  • Increase funding for culture centers 
  • Require bias workshops for IUSG members  
  • Provide support for transfer and international students  
  • Establish a platform for student concerns and ideas with IUSG  

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UNITE IU for IUSG is a campaign run by presidential candidate Shraavya Pydisetti and vice-presidential candidate Prathamesh Badve. Pydisetti is a freshman studying Political Science and Finance and is the director of recruitment on the Indiana Memorial Union Board and a member of the Undergraduate Business Diversity Council. Badve is a freshman studying Accounting and Information Systems and is an assistant director of concerts for the IMU Board, a representative in Bloomington Ki Badtameeezi and a choreography coordinator with Hoosier Hamzath.  

“Despite being freshmen, our proactive engagement on campus has afforded us invaluable insights into the needs and dynamics of the IU community,” Badve said over email. “This firsthand experience, coupled with our unwavering determination, equips us with a unique perspective that distinguishes us from other candidates.” 

According to the UNITE IU Official Platform, Pydisetti and Badve plan to focus on academics and student life, diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility and campus life. Some of these planned efforts include advocating for more co-major plans, IU website accessibility and more inclusive dining options on campus. 

“As a woman of color, I understand the paramount importance of fostering unity across all facets of our campus, ensuring every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to pursue their dreams,” Pydisetti said over email. “Our mission is to amplify student voices, cultivating a campus environment that nurtures growth and inclusivity.” 

Their plans for promoting DEIA include:  

  • Implement mandatory DEIA training for all student organizations, including IUSG 
  • Establish feedback mechanisms and bias reporting systems to address concerns on campus 
  • Develop wheelchair-accessible maps, providing portable accessibility aids like ramps and canes, and distributing sensory support resource kits  
  • Improve website accessibility  
  • Create a Diversity Council that brings together representatives from different religious and ethnic groups to foster collaboration and support. Sub-culture councils within cultural centers are also suggested to further promote inclusivity 


FUSE for IUSG is a campaign run by presidential candidate Cooper Tinsley and vice-presidential candidate Nicole Santiuste. Tinsley is a sophomore studying Molecular Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Political Science and he is the current chief of staff for the IGNITE administration. Santiuste is a sophomore studying International Law and Political Science and is the current co-director of Title IX/Sexual Violence Prevention for the IGNITE administration.  

According to the FUSE Official Platform, Tinsley and Santiuste’s efforts focus on many aspects of student life including financial accessibility, infrastructure and transportation, and campus safety. Their plan hopes to accomplish initiatives such as a tuition freeze to prevent administrators from increasing tuition for students, establishing more gender-neutral bathrooms on campus and providing an endowment for a Sexual Assault Survivors Fund.  

“What makes FUSE unique from all of the other tickets is that both Nicole and I have experience operating within the executive branch of IUSG and have established long-lasting relationships with members of the administration and the Bloomington Faculty Council, two key players in the work done by IUSG,” Tinsley said about FUSE. “This experience will allow the FUSE administration to begin work immediately, advocating for students from the minute of our inauguration to the last second of our term.”    

Finally, FUSE’s platform also includes DEIA initiatives. Some of their plans include: 

  • Combat antisemitism, islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia and other forms of discrimination 
  • Form a Multicultural Advocacy Council to provide guidance on DEIA issues to the administration 
  • Protect existing culture centers and establishing new ones  
  • Begin the IU Accessibility Mapping Project to identify accessible buildings and improve infrastructure  
  • Host regular cultural events to celebrate diversity and foster cultural understanding  
  • Establish a fund to safeguard DEIA programs and scholarships that may be at risk of being defunded 

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