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Saturday, May 25
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Release date for Drake’s ‘For All the Dogs’ still unclear


Drake’s eighth studio album, “For All the Dogs,” was slated to be released Aug. 25, according to Amazon Music. However, it was not.  

Drake released the album’s cover art in an Instagram post Aug. 21, stating the album’s name and revealing that his son, Adonis, drew the cover art. The post contained no other official information from Drake or his team regarding the album, and importantly did not list a release date. 

The cover was also shared on Twitter by Drake’s record label, OVO Sound. Just hours later, Amazon Music retweeted the cover, adding the caption “drizzy’s son has a future as a cover artist. new @drake august 25th.”  

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The post has since been deleted, but eagle-eyed fans ran with the announcement, establishing an expectation that the album would be released on the 25th. After the post’s deletion, speculation arose as to whether the information therein would end up being factual or not. 

Whether Aug. 25 was ever the release date is unclear. Drake addressed the mix-up during his Aug. 26 concert in Seattle, saying “I didn’t say it was dropping last night,” and “I’m finishing it up.” 

As of Monday morning, a new release date has not been announced.  

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