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Monday, Dec. 11
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Danny William: Just stop using artificial intelligence programs to write your essays. It’ll probably give you fake references and completely recognizable AI-speak. Also, you’re paying for your degree. Get your money’s worth and just write that stupid essay, even if it’s painful. 

Joey Sills: I’m very glad we’re seeing a resurgence in popular three-hour-plus-long movies, like “The Batman” or “Avatar: The Way of Water” or “Babylon,” but if Hollywood wants to remake the epic theater experience correctly then we need to bring back intermissions. It’d be fantastic to have a moment halfway through the picture to use the restroom, refill your drinks or popcorn and talk to friends about the film so far without the fear of missing anything. In the same vein, I’d also propose bringing back the overture for certain longer films as well. The best way to encourage people to see movies in theatres again is to make the theatre experience special.  

Jared Quigg: Listen to your friends when they give you recommendations on shows/movies/books, etc., even if you think you won’t enjoy them. I recently started watching “Gossip Girl” at the suggestion of my friend Ellie. I thought there was no chance I would like it. A teen drama that ran on The CW? No way, I thought. But now I’m hooked, I’m going to watch the whole series and it’s something I can bond with my friend about. So, be open-minded! (Also, will now be ending all my columns with, “You know you love me – XOXO.”) 

Ellie Albin: Formula 1’s recent visit to Miami on May 7 for their second annual grand prix in the Florida city was a glitzy, gaudy, cheesy abomination. Formula 1 — which is owned by Liberty Media, a multi-billion-dollar mass media company — is gouging U.S. fans, which is consumer manipulation. To go to the full Miami Grand Prix weekend — meaning you can be there for the three days of track action — it’s $590. For the Indianapolis 500? You can watch all track action, minus the race itself, for about $160 with the Bronze Badge — or pay $15 per practice day or $20 per qualification day. And a ticket to the actual race? You can get them as cheap as $40. So, it’s $590 to basically watch Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen dominate, or $200 to watch The Greatest Spectacle in Racing unfold over the course of two weeks. Hm. So hard to choose. (Also — the Indianapolis Star’s Nathan Brown did a whole article on this recently, so check it out.

Natalie Fitzgibbons: As the weather recently has become sunny and warm — and as it’s just going to get warmer and sunnier — it’s important to go outside and enjoy it, even if it’s just going on a walk. And my point to this isn’t even about our health or getting enough exercise or getting Vitamin D from the sun, it’s about enjoying the beautiful earth that we live on. Taking time to enjoy the rays of sun that keep us warm during these summer months and the dark green grass that brings pops of color.  

Isabella Vesperini: Eating cereal without milk is not a crime. Plain Kellogg's cereal or Special K with pieces of chocolate are perfectly fine without the milk infecting it. Putting milk in cereal makes it soggy and puts pressure on you to eat it quicker so it doesn’t dissolve. Besides, milk ruins the texture of the cereal and takes away its flavor. Please, allow yourself to eat your cereal in peace without the time limit milk gives it.  

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