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Saturday, May 25
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The Little 500 women’s race: Historical results and records


The 2023 Little 500 women’s race marks the 35th race in its history. Kappa Alpha Theta has the most race victories of any team in Little 500 women’s race history with eight in total. Kappa Kappa Gamma comes in second with five and Teter and Delta Gamma each have four. 

The list is in order of qualification results. 

1. Alpha Chi Omega, 0 wins, 30 races qualified, 10.0 average finish 

Qualifying for its 30th race, Alpha Chi Omega comes in with the pole position and is in search of its first win. Alpha Chi Omega has found itself finishing in the top 10 in every race since 2012, including four top-five finishes in the last five races.  

2. Teter: 4 wins, 28 races qualified, 10.4 average finish 

Since 2003, Teter hasn’t finished worse than 12th, and in that span, it has won the race four times. Its most recent win came in 2019. Out of 27 total races, Teter has finished in the top five 13 times. Teter is also two weeks removed from winning the women’s team pursuit on April 8. 

3. Kappa Alpha Theta, 8 wins, 35 races qualified, 3.1 average finish 

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and Kappa Alpha Theta finishing the Little 500 women’s race in the top ten. Besides its eight wins — which ranks first in all-time wins by a Little 500 women's team — Kappa Alpha Theta has finished in the top 10 in every single Little 500 women’s race except for the 2011 race, when it placed 11th. The average finish of 3.1 is the best in Little 500 history — better than Cutters’ 3.7 average. In the last ten races, Kappa Alpha Theta has finished in first four times and in second three times. Kappa Alpha Theta is also the only team in the field to qualify for every single Little 500 women’s race with its 35th qualification this year. 

4. Independent Council, 0 wins, 8 races qualified, 15.14 average finish 

Independent Council qualified for its eighth race this year; it has finished top 10 just once with a fifth-place finish in 2019. 

5. Kappa Delta, 1 win, 33 races qualified, 10.8 average finish 

Kappa Delta has finished inside the top 10 in 14 of 32 races in program history. Its lone Little 500 race win came in the 2007 race. 

6. Alpha Gamma Delta, 0 wins, 33 races qualified, 10.0 average finish 

With an average race finish of exactly 10th, Alpha Gamma Delta is poised to break a streak of eight races finishing outside of the top 10, a streak dating back to 2013. 

7. Delta Gamma, 4 wins, 33 races qualified, 6.2 average finish 

Last year’s fourth-place finish for Delta Gamma made it the 26th time in 32 races that it placed within the top ten.  

8. Kappa Kappa Gamma, 5 wins, 33 races qualified, 8.7 average finish 

Despite its five Little 500 wins, Kappa Kappa Gamma hasn’t been the first to cross the finish line since the 2006 race. In the past seven races including last year’s race where it placed sixth, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s average finish is 17.7. 

9. CSF Cycling, 0 wins, 9 races qualified, 12.8 average finish 

In its ninth race in team history, CSF Cycling will look to secure its first top-five finish ever. 

10. Theta Phi Alpha, 0 wins, 11 races qualified, 16.2 average finish 

From its first race in 2012 to its finish in 2017, Theta Phi Alpha had an average finish of 24.4. In the four races since, its average finish is 6.3. 

11. SKI, 0 wins, 9 races qualified, 6.0 average finish 

For SKI, since its first race in 2014, it has finished in the top ten in every race competed in, a streak of nine consecutive races is at risk for SKI on Friday. 

12. Novus, 0 wins, 1 race qualified, N/A average finish 

Novus will be the highest rookie in the field for the race.  

13. Melanzana Cycling, 1 win, 11 races qualified, 8.7 average finish 

Even though Melanzana Cycling’s qualified a bit low, that shouldn’t scare you. Last year the team also started in 13th and went on to win the 2022 Little 500 women’s race by two laps. 

14. Cru Cycling, 0 wins, 11 races qualified, 12.4 average finish 

In 10 races, Cru Cycling has placed within the top five, three times, the last time coming in the 2015 race. 

15. RideOn Cycling, 0 wins, 11 races qualified, 14.7 average finish 

Last year’s 12th place finish disrupted a streak of three years where RideOn Cycling finished ninth place.  

16. Phi Gamma Nu, 0 wins, 6 races qualified, 17.8 average finish 

In its sixth race, Phi Gamma Nu looks to clinch its first top-ten finish.  

17. Delta Zeta, 0 wins, 32 races qualified, 14.7 average finish 

After 31 races, dating all the way back to the first women’s Little 500 in 1988, Delta Zeta is still in search of its first Little 500 victory. Delta Zeta only has three riders competing in the race. 

18. Alpha Omicron Pi, 0 wins, 30 races qualified, 16.8 average finish 

After its second-place finish in the 2017 race, and a 10th-place finish in 2018, Alpha Omicron Pi has yet to crack the top 10 placing 17th last year. 

19. Gamma Phi Beta, 0 wins, 29 races qualified, 13.8 average finish 

Despite qualifying for 29 races in team history, Gamma Phi Beta was one of the few teams that didn’t qualify for last year’s race. In its last four races, it has finished outside the top 20. 

20. Chi Omega, 0 wins, 26 races qualified, 17.2 average finish 

Chi Omega has just one top-five finish spanning over 25 races. They came in second  in 1998. 

21. Bison Cycling, 0 wins, 0 races qualified, N/A average finish 

The second of two rookie teams in the field. 

22. Phi Mu, 0 wins, 33 races qualified, 14.13 average finish 

Racing in 32 total races with zero wins to show for it, Phi Mu possesses the second-longest winning drought in the field. 

23. Sigma Kappa, 0 wins, 10 races qualified, 19.4 average finish 

Despite racing in the first Little 500 women’s race in 1988, Sigma Kappa has raced in just eight races since then. The 1988 race was its best, finishing 10th. 

24. Alpha Sigma Alpha, 0 wins, 10 races qualified, 16.4 average finish 

Alpha Sigma Alpha did not qualify for last year's race or the one prior ending a streak of seven consecutive years of racing. 

25. Alpha Delta Pi, 0 wins, 34 races qualified, 19.7 average finish 

The biggest winning drought in the field belongs to Alpha Delta Pi. In its 34-year Alpha Delta Pi despite the low pole position looks to end the winless streak. The team will only be represented with two riders as opposed to four. 

26. Alpha Epsilon Phi, 0 wins, 20 races qualified, 26.2 average finish 

Alpha Epsilon Phi has found itself in 30th place or worst in eight of nine races. The only year it didn’t was a 22nd-place finish in last year’s race. 

27. Sigma Delta Tau, 0 wins, 28 races qualified, 26.0 average finish 

Throughout its 27 races, Sigma Delta Tau has never found itself in the top 15. It looks to improve from its last place qualification. The team only has two riders competing in the race. 

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