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Sunday, April 14
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COLUMN: ‘The Bachelor’ week 8: double the trouble


Welcome back! Despite the rather boring hometown dates that aired March 13, we had some entertainment for the “Women Tell All” episode aired on March 14. So, let's get ready for a very dramatic two-night recap that hopefully doesn’t put you to sleep.  

Week eight: Night one 

In the wise words of Zach, “It’s hometown week baby!”  

If there is one more zoom in of Zach showering, I will actually lose my mind. After we see Zach shampoo, he heads to Vermont to meet Gabi’s family.  

After a lovely day of trying maple syrup — and giving all of America a lesson on it — we finally meet Gabi’s family. Honestly, Gabi’s hometown date was probably the most uneventful out of all four; there was no drama (which I was upset about) and everyone pretty much loved Zach. Lame!  

Hoping for some more drama, Zach traveled to New York City for Ariel’s hometown date. During the day, Ariel showed Zach some of her favorite food spots around New York that really embrace her Jewish religion.  

Now for some drama! When Zach met Ariel’s family, they absolutely grilled him. My favorite part was when Ariel’s brother asked Zach when her birthday was, and he was absolutely frozen. Her family clearly did not approve of the process and made sure to let Zach know.  

After some awkward tension with Ariel’s family, Zach traveled to Georgia to meet Charity’s family. Charity decided to have Zach meet her family right away at a barbecue. Charity was very emotional during the date, as she expressed many times that she wants to find a relationship like her mom and dad’s. Charity’s family was extremely supportive and honestly didn’t seem concerned at all. After the barbecue, Charity decides to let Zach know she is falling in love with him — eek!  

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Lastly, moving on to Kaity’s hometown date in Texas — which also happens to be Zach’s hometown — the two move Kaity into her new home. After assembling some bookshelves, Zach met her family. They all really seemed to like Zach and didn’t have many concerns at all.   

Kaity talks about how all of the male figures in her life — besides her brother — have left, and she expressed to Zach how she was falling in love with him and didn’t want him to leave her.  

After extremely uneventful hometown dates, it is time for the rose ceremony. Zach hands out roses to Ariel, Kaity and Gabi, leaving Charity to be sent home. Zach gives a hug to Charity, she cries, he cries — even though he decided to send her home. Charity leaves and now it’s time for the Women Tell All!  

Week eight: Night two 

Hoping for some much-needed drama, host Jesse Palmer reintroduces all of the women for the Women Tell All episode — where it is basically just a screaming battle between all the women.

We started with a quick throwback to the Christina Mandrell drama where — in case you forgot — she was basically a brat the entire season.  

Anyways, I can’t even tell who is yelling over who because they are literally all screaming over each other. Thank goddess for Jesse calming everyone down; what would we do without him?  

Somehow, through all the yelling we get to Anastasia having a boyfriend during the season. I know Christina is happy the drama is off her. Now in case you forgot, in the Bahamas Anastasia was also scared Kylee wanted to “fight” her when that was just clearly not the case. Kylee was offended by the comment where Genevie let Anastasia know that microaggressions regarding the Black community happen every day and what she did was not okay.  

Now for the hot seats — where Jesse asks a few women to reflect on their time during the season.    

Jess talked a lot about how she was extremely proud of herself during this whole process. She didn’t want to beg for a relationship, and she was so happy that she grew as a person.  

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Greer took this time to express how she was sorry for condoning a high school classmate who wore Blackface. She wanted to express that what she did was racist, and she was deeply sorry for whom she hurt. Greer also expressed that she was taking the time to learn, and specifically learn about the history behind Blackface.  

Kat talked about how after her family watched this season — where she expressed that she and her mother no longer spoke — she was able to regain a relationship with her mother, which she said was more meaningful than any ring.  

Charity spoke about how being blindsided during this process allowed her to use these lessons she has learned to be more ready for her future and whatever it holds.  

After some adorable bloopers, Zach came out to address the women. Honestly, he pretty much just restated everything to each of the women that he felt a strong connection with but just had to follow his heart. Thank you for that wonderful insight, Zach.  

All night Jesse was talking about this huge surprise, so finally — with three minutes left in the show — Jesse announces that Charity will be the next Bachelorette!  

So after four hours of drama, tears and screaming, we see the dramatic previews for next week in which Zach — probably regretfully — calls it “no sex week.” Oh goodness. I can only imagine the drama that will ensue.  

See you then!

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