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Friday, Dec. 1
The Indiana Daily Student


Winning candidates from the Monroe County Midterm Elections 2022 


While Democrats swept local positions in Monroe County, Republicans dominated statewide races. The IDS has compiled a comprehensive list of winners from the 2022 midterm elections, from the school board to the senate.  

State and Federal Elections: 

U.S. Senator for Indiana 

Todd Young, R, 58.94% 

U.S. House Representative for Indiana Congressional District 9 

Erin Houchin, R, 64.23%

Indiana House Representative for District 46 

Bob Heaton, R, 69.15% 

Indiana House of Representative for District 60 

Peggy Mayfield, R, 71.22% 

Indiana House Representative for District 61 

Matt Pierce, D, 100% 

Indiana House Representative for District 62 

Dave Hall, R, 50.07%

Secretary of State 

Diego Morales, R, 54.14% 

Auditor of State 

Tera Klutz, R, 59.86% 

Treasurer of State 

Daniel Elliot, R, 62.26% 

Bloomington and Monroe County Elections: 

Bloomington Township Trustee 

Efrat Feferman, D, 100% 

Bloomington Township Board 

Dorothy Granger, D, 100% 

Bloomington Township Board 

Barbara McKinney, D, 100% 

Bloomington Township Board 

Elizabeth Sensenstein, D, 100% 

Monroe County Council District 1 

Peter Iversen, D, 58.27%

Monroe County Council District 2 

Kate Wiltz, D, 100% 

Monroe County Council District 3 

Martha (Marty) Hawk, R, 100% 

Monroe County Council District 4 

Jennifer Crossley, D, 100% 

County Commissioner District 1 

Elizabeth Jones, D, 57.94% 

Monroe County Sheriff 

Ruben Marté, D, 59.65% 

Monroe County Recorder 

Amy Swain, D, 61.39% 

Monroe County Assessor 

Judith Sharpe, D, 100% 

Monroe Circuit Court Clerk 

Nicole Browne, D, 100% 

10th Judicial Circuit Number 1 

Holly Harvey, D, 100% 

10th Judicial Circuit Number 4 

Mary Ellen Diekhoff, D, 100% 

10th Judicial Circuit Number 7 

Emily Salzmann, D, 61.59% 

County Prosecuting Attorney 

Erika Oliphant, D, 100%

Monroe County School Board Elections: 

MCCSC District 1 

Erin Wyatt, 50.05% 

MCCSC District 3 

Ashley Pirani, 45.72% 

MCCSC District 7 

Brandon Shurr, 100% 

R-BB Richland  

Dana Kerr, 100% 

R-BB Bean Blossom 

Angela Jacobs, 100% 

MCCSC Referendum 

Yes, 66.71% 


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