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Thursday, May 30
The Indiana Daily Student


Winning candidates from the Monroe County Midterm Elections 2022 


While Democrats swept local positions in Monroe County, Republicans dominated statewide races. The IDS has compiled a comprehensive list of winners from the 2022 midterm elections, from the school board to the senate.  

State and Federal Elections: 

U.S. Senator for Indiana 

Todd Young, R, 58.94% 

U.S. House Representative for Indiana Congressional District 9 

Erin Houchin, R, 64.23%

Indiana House Representative for District 46 

Bob Heaton, R, 69.15% 

Indiana House of Representative for District 60 

Peggy Mayfield, R, 71.22% 

Indiana House Representative for District 61 

Matt Pierce, D, 100% 

Indiana House Representative for District 62 

Dave Hall, R, 50.07%

Secretary of State 

Diego Morales, R, 54.14% 

Auditor of State 

Tera Klutz, R, 59.86% 

Treasurer of State 

Daniel Elliot, R, 62.26% 

Bloomington and Monroe County Elections: 

Bloomington Township Trustee 

Efrat Feferman, D, 100% 

Bloomington Township Board 

Dorothy Granger, D, 100% 

Bloomington Township Board 

Barbara McKinney, D, 100% 

Bloomington Township Board 

Elizabeth Sensenstein, D, 100% 

Monroe County Council District 1 

Peter Iversen, D, 58.27%

Monroe County Council District 2 

Kate Wiltz, D, 100% 

Monroe County Council District 3 

Martha (Marty) Hawk, R, 100% 

Monroe County Council District 4 

Jennifer Crossley, D, 100% 

County Commissioner District 1 

Elizabeth Jones, D, 57.94% 

Monroe County Sheriff 

Ruben Marté, D, 59.65% 

Monroe County Recorder 

Amy Swain, D, 61.39% 

Monroe County Assessor 

Judith Sharpe, D, 100% 

Monroe Circuit Court Clerk 

Nicole Browne, D, 100% 

10th Judicial Circuit Number 1 

Holly Harvey, D, 100% 

10th Judicial Circuit Number 4 

Mary Ellen Diekhoff, D, 100% 

10th Judicial Circuit Number 7 

Emily Salzmann, D, 61.59% 

County Prosecuting Attorney 

Erika Oliphant, D, 100%

Monroe County School Board Elections: 

MCCSC District 1 

Erin Wyatt, 50.05% 

MCCSC District 3 

Ashley Pirani, 45.72% 

MCCSC District 7 

Brandon Shurr, 100% 

R-BB Richland  

Dana Kerr, 100% 

R-BB Bean Blossom 

Angela Jacobs, 100% 

MCCSC Referendum 

Yes, 66.71% 


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