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Tuesday, Dec. 5
The Indiana Daily Student

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IU Student Government representatives voting closes at 10 p.m. Wednesday


IU-Bloomington students can vote for IU Student Government Congress representatives and on four amendments to its Constitution. Voting ends at 10 pm on Sep. 21.  

To vote, students can find an email with a link in their inbox or the link here

Students vote for their representatives based on what academic school they belong to and what residential district they live in, according to a news release.  

Amendment CECR1 changes the start of terms for academic representatives from October to April, clarifies that representatives must be constituents of their districts and allows for special elections if a seat becomes vacant.  

Amendment CECR2 gives the IUSG president the power to appoint all executives besides the President and Vice President, but they are still subject to confirmation by Congress.  

Amendment CECR4 requires congress to publish a journal of its activities, explain the process of enacting a bill, specifies the authorities of Congress, put restrictions on representatives' terms in office and repeal a provision that prohibited the IU Supreme Court from hearing judicial review cases in the summer. 

Amendment CECR5 sets judicial term limits to three years, gives the court the authority to establish rules of process, requires the IUSG Chief Justice to give the oath of office to the President and Vice President and creates a standard for addressing conflicts of interest and bias.  

Full descriptions of each amendment can be found on the beINvolved website.  

The role of the IUSG Congress is to provide a voice to IU students. Congress sets policy initiatives for IUSG and determines what programs and services receive IUSG funding, according to the release.

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