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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Seeing a Black woman rise is art


Seeing a Black woman rise is art

Experiencing a Black woman’s essence is captivating

Her multifacetedness is alluring

A Black woman who is purposeful is a muse

Experiencing a Black woman with a vision is fascinating

Her ambition overflows and touches everyone near 

Seeing a Black woman thrive is uplifting

When she's excelling in her domain, she’s empowering

Her generosity has no limit

Seeing a Black woman's joy is infectious

Experiencing her delight is bliss

Her smile is ravishing, her laughter is melodic

Seeing a Black woman grow is healing 

Her expansion is restoring

Experiencing her abundance is wondrous

Seeing a Black woman navigate her way through adversity, and unfairness, and lack but still prevail is a masterpiece

Her resilience is astonishing

Black women have inspired a nation

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