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Thursday, June 13
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: We do not want Trump back


We’re almost a full year into Joe Biden's presidency, and I can’t say I’m happy with it. 

Before all the Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” supporters come out of the woodwork with “I told you so,” most people settled for Joe. It’s still better than a homophobic, sexist, racist, anti-semitic maniac who tried to run America like a monarchy. 

That election season felt like fighting a war to get people to vote. Stacey Abrams, a politician, lawyer and voting rights activist,  worked to register 800,000 voters. These voters, typically Black, LGBTQ+ and other POC, are the minorities America forgot about, that the GOP wasn’t counting on. 

Why do you think they’re all for voter restrictions in a very quick fashion? Texas for one has a new voting law that imposes seven changes. For example, no 24-hour voting, no drive-thru voting, vote-by-mail ID mandates and monthly voter roll checks.

So with all this context, why do people think it's okay to say “Bring Trump back?” 

It honestly pisses me off. It feels like spitting in the face of all those people, especially people of color, who voted. All the things we overcame as a country just to get him out. 

Respectfully, what is wrong with y’all?

I can somewhat get the Black trump supporters, at least they’ve been consistent in the fact they support and worship a man who would’ve made a newspaper ad to demand their execution over a crime they didn’t commit. He still hasn’t apologized for his horrific comments about the Central Park Five, according to The New York Times

Words are just as powerful as actions, and this kind of rhetoric is not only stupid but dangerous. Especially celebrities like Kodak Black being in support of him is dumb. This man took over this country for four embarrassing years where he tore apart women’s rights and immigration policies. He also set us back in progress with healthcare, mishandled a whole pandemic and worsened racial tension to become the blatant, disgusting way seen today. 

Trump is not a good guy because he was blunt. This is the same guy who had a whole election collusion scandal amongst many others like “grab 'em by the pussy, you can do anything” in reference to seeing women he found attractive. This is the same president who admitted to obstruction of justice when investigating his tampering with the election and pandered to rioters and domestic terrorists who violated national security on Jan. 6. Trump told rioters, “Go home, we love you, you’re very special.”

Some people want back the president who isn’t allowed to have a Twitter for spreading false misinformation or the guy who manipulated money in his business to help himself by using cancer donations, according to the Washington Post and Forbes.

This is all to say stop being dumb. If you don’t like the current president then in two years vote him out. Just because Trump was bold does not mean he was good by any means. Do not let time allow you to forget the hell this country was put in under his reign the first time. I don’t think America can survive another four years of terror with Trump, we barely made it the last time.

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