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Thursday, Nov. 30
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Letter to Derek Chauvin


Derek Chauvin,

I’d say Dear Chauvin, but I don’t wish anything dear upon you. 

If I could talk to you I’d ask you a million questions. They've been swarming in my brain since last May. Was it worth it? Those eight minutes and 46 seconds you kneeled on George Floyd’s neck and ripped him away from his family and lied about it? The day where you thought, just like every other incident, you’d get away with it. 

You must’ve thought the girl taping wasn’t going to affect you – I mean the video isn’t going anywhere.

I’m grateful for your stupidity, slightly. See, in your hate, in your pathetic attempt to feel superior, you added another flame in a blaze that’s been burning for almost 500 years at least. 

Your actions not only revealed again to America what the Black community has been yelling for years, but we got to show America a small taste of what it looks like when you anger Black people. Because of your ancestors, Black people are everywhere. Tied by pain, displacement, ancestry, pride and common experience. 

Your actions struck that chord again and the whole world felt it. 

Like I said in the Letter to George Floyd, if it meant the peace and safety of my people– the whole country can burn. Black people built it anyway. I’m not like you though, I still don’t root for your death, nor any of the racists who think like you.

Personally, I find great pride in knowing your greatest torment is deep down. You know you’ll never be enough to be us, but you want so desperately to be.

From tanning, box braids, plastic surgery, looking up our recipes on Pinterest, covering our music and stealing our dances on TikTok – where would you be without us?  It’s kinda pitiful you hate us so much yet sailed the world, at a time when you thought it had an edge, just to steal us. But we’re lazy? 

Your mom said this is taking a toll on you, I could tell from the look of shock when they convicted you in court. It was the “oh crap, my white card declined” face. 

And even though we all watched you murder someone, she went on to say her son’s persona and identity has been equated to that of a racist which isn’t true. Her son is a good man. 

I feel bad for your mom, because it must be hard to face the fact her son is a terrible, racist person. But see, while your mom will miss you she can still visit you. George Floyd’s family has to go to a graveyard to see him. 

Where was that good man when you listened to Floyd call for his mom because he knew he was going to meet her in death? Where was her good son when you lied and called Floyd’s experience a medical emergency? 

You’re not a good person and you’ve almost killed plenty of people. Floyd was just the first person you killed all the way. 

I hope everyday is an eternity for you, I hope everyday you fall asleep you pray for death, just to wake up the next morning. I hope no matter what, this situation is a life sentence for you because your actions are eternal for the Floyd family. But the ultimate satisfaction will be when you finally succumb to death looking up at God’s face and realize he’s not white.

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