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Sunday, April 21
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COLUMN: ‘Suburban Indie Rock Star’ signals the arrival of a new indie legend


Snow Ellet bridges the gap between the pop- and skate-punk of the early 2000s and modern emo and bedroom pop. Potent guitar riffs harken back to the glory days of Blink-182, and their sleek production sets him apart from anyone else making music right now. In his first release, he’s already the suburban indie rockstar he wants to be. 

“Suburban Indie Rockstar” feels like it was created in a lab specifically for me to like it. Eric Reyes, the mastermind behind snow ellet, tweets like someone that I would love to hang out with. There’s a strong connection between Reyes’ online persona and the music. With a lot of modern musicians, it seems like their personalities are rather sterile when compared to the music they make, but Reyes, like their music, is spritely and full of life. 

The EP opener “To Some I’m Genius” revels in incredible confidence. Punchy riffs mesh incredibly well with the rapid fire percussion. It sounds like the type of song that would open an early-2000s romantic comedy, some plotless film where teenagers with wallet chains and spiky haircuts roam around the suburbs on old Schwinns.

“I’m making hit songs for all of the kids,” Reyes sings on the buoyant bridge. “Sitting in dorms while they’re drinking a fifth. With all their friends that they’ve known for a month.” 

Snow Ellet’s music hits the perfect sweet spot between fresh and familiar. To me, it’s genius. 

The second track, “Brick,” is where Reyes’ production really starts to shine. Crunchy guitars meld with a thick bassline and mesmerizing, futuristic synths. The chorus is huge, mixing everything into one gigantic column of sound. 

“In Reverie” features twinkly riffs reminiscent of Midwestern emo that underscore the chugging rhythm section. There’s a litany of influences in each track, and it’s impossible to identify every sound on first listen. 

“What am I thinking of?” Reyes sings. “Mind blank but I guess the engine runs.” 

“Suburban Indie Rock Star” feels like a new blueprint for artists in multiple different scenes. It so deftly combines pop, rock, punk and lo-fi sensibilities into one project. Nothing seems wrought or out of place. Reyes should become a hero to hundreds of indie kids that have any musical aspirations.

It’s an incredible debut that feels like it was made by one of pop’s elder statesman. I can’t wait for more from Reyes.

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