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In love? Getting over someone? Either way, the IDS Valentine's Day playlist has you covered.

Happy Valentine's Day, Hoosiers.

We’ve just about celebrated every major holiday of the year in a pandemic. Cheers to us for all that grinning and bearing it!

A December Atlantic article found that the pandemic has turned out to be a good year for love after all. More couples spent time getting to know each other and focused on building their relationships. If you’re someone who’s feeling extra optimistic about romance this year, the IDS arts desk staff rounded up our favorite tracks with lyrics full of mushy cliches and the word “baby.” 

But if instead you’re feeling a little sad — maybe even Olivia Rodrigo belting “drivers license” type sad — this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered, too. 

Check out the IDS arts desk staff’s favorite love and anti-love songs:


“Love Story (Taylor’s version)” - Taylor Swift

“Swift released her new version just in time for Valentine’s Day, and the excitement my friends and I felt speaks to its everlasting influence. Not only does it have a rhythm that still makes me want to drop everything and dance, but it’s lyrically brilliant with its twist ending to Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ It’s perfect for anyone who wants to escape to a fairy tale world, even if it’s just for a few minutes.” - Ellie Albin, arts columnist

“First Date” - Blink-182

“It’s a classic and really captures the excitement at the beginning of a relationship.” - Kevin Chrisco, arts editor

“XO” - John Mayer

“I know it’s originally performed by Beyoncé, but there’s something about the folky vibe that John Mayer adds that makes it special. Listen to the lyrics — wow, imagine being that in love.” - Hunter Haines, food columnist

“Swept Away” - Avett Brothers

“‘Swept Away’ by the Avett Brothers is such a good song for people in love. It’s slow, romantic, and has such chill vibes so it’s great to listen to when you’re just sitting/cuddling/driving with your S/O. The harmonies and words are also beautiful.” -Taylor Harmon, sex columnist

“Sunkissed” - Khai Dreams

“This song puts me in a good mood anytime I hear it. The catchy tune and simple message of love is great for singing to myself or to a lucky valentine.” - C Ovelton, culture reporter


“Strawberry Blond” - Mitski 

“Famously, I will be listening to Mitski on Valentine’s Day. ‘Strawberry Blond’ is a wonderful love song for anyone that is going to spend Valentine’s Day yearning. It perfectly captures the joy of having a crush as well as the pain that comes with it.” - Alexis Lindenmayer, theater and dance reporter

“Anticlimax” - Mae Muller

“This is a good song for people who are going through a breakup and are in need of a song that mildly disses their ex. This song will make the singles feel better after jamming out to it.” - Rachel Choi, arts columnist

“To Love Someone Else” - Avery Lynch 

“A song for those not ready to move on, even when they feel like they should be ready. When that person in front of you is an amazing possibility, but you’re still hung up on the past.” - Emma Kalvelage, music reporter

“Be My Mistake” - The 1975

“It’s a song about loving someone else you can’t be with so you fill the emptiness with someone you don’t really care about — ouch. This song is painful, and perfect for everyone longing for a relationship that’s long over.” - Hannah Dailey, arts editor

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