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Saturday, June 15
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IU Muslim Student Association call-out meeting Zoombombed with racist slurs

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The IU Muslim Student Association callout meeting was Zoombombed with racist slurs and an undressed person on Thursday.

It was unclear how many people disrupted the meeting, with the chat flooding with almost a hundred written slurs, Miriam Haque, president of the IU Muslim Student Association, said.

A voice recording speaking racist slurs was also played, Haque said.

Another individual used the annotate tool to scribble over the faces of board member’s photos, said Deena Horani, one of the social chairs for the MSA.

One individual, who appeared to be a younger white teen, turned on his camera wearing only underwear, but whether the video was live or pre-recorded was unclear, Horani said.

The individual began to grab at their waistband, and at this point the meeting was shut down, Horani said.

The MSA reported the incident to the University Information Policy Office and a bias report was submitted. Staff from the Dean of Students office, IUPD and the University Information Technology Services are also investigating the incident with the MSA, Haque said.

The Zoom meeting ID had been posted on the MSA Instagram, and the attendees were put into waiting rooms, Haque said. 

Haque believes some gained entry to the Zoom meeting without permission, Haque said.

After about five minutes, the meeting was disrupted, Horani said.

“It just went up into flames from there,” Haque said.

After she realized the disruption came from multiple people, Haque said she chose to shut it down.

Haque said the meeting lasted about 10 minutes.

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