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Saturday, June 15
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Keshuann's Voice


Keshuann Tompkins-Barnes is an IU junior studying sports media. Tompkins-Barnes is an advocate for change in his community and believes that change starts with oneself. He pushes himself to fight for what’s right in order to influence the next generation. 

“We haven’t just been fighting for our voice, we’ve been fighting for our freedom, the right to vote and so many more things,” Barnes said.

Keshuann Tompkins-Barnes uses his voice to represent the Black leaders that came before him.

Tompkins-Barnes is part of the leadership team for the Groups Scholars Program. During his time there, he has learned how to organize ideas and events to help Groups Scholars. He is also part of the Impact Movement at IU, which guides Black students to become disciples of Christ. This is just the start for Tompkins-Barnes — there is much more he wants to do to become a stronger leader.

“I love being involved to simply learn as much as I can,” Tompkins-Barnes said. "I want to be able to use the information I learn to influence others to be leaders within their community. To me, it’s all about passing down the knowledge I know to encourage the youth to be better people.” 

Tompkins-Barnes said he believes underclassmen should be willing to learn as much as they possibly can. He said they must use that knowledge to fight for what is right.

“Fight for what you believe in," Tompkins-Barnes said. "We need to stay diligent and proactive so that we can fight against injustice. Whether that’s voting, protesting, or just using your platform to speak your mind. Never let anyone silence your vote"

Barnes believes motivating others is a key component in being successful.

“Encourage others and uplift others to be successful," Tompkins-Barnes said. "Whether that’s motivating your little brother or sister or just having an in-depth conversation with one of your friends, I think it’s important to influence others. That way we can spread the love and motivation to others to be successful.”

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