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Friday, Feb. 23
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: Professors need to understand student stress during the pandemic

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Professors and instructors do not understand the amount of stress that online school has put on students. Not only have students’ entire lives been turned upside down by being moved to online classes, some students have had to move back home and try to find jobs in this unfortunate time to help support their families while also completing all of their course work.

The biggest problem being faced as students is an increased workload that is being given out by class instructors, making it harder to complete larger assignments that hold greater weight in their grades. I have been given extra discussion assignments in almost all of my classes while still being told that I should start working on the final projects weeks in advance.

The extra assignments added to my workload and my work schedule do not allow me to give any extra time these larger assignments. I ask that for professors and course instructors who read this, show your students the same understanding and empathy that you teach us to show others every day.

Clayton Wright

School of Social Work junior

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