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Tuesday, Oct. 3
The Indiana Daily Student

GAME DAY: How well do you know IU? Try this crossword puzzle to find out.

weekly puzzle-01.png

Alright, everyone. Let's be blunt: we miss live sports. We miss waking up every morning and knowing there's a game to watch. I get it. My boyfriend has taken to playing 8 hours a day of some creepy and violent Xbox game just so he can "feel something."

The digital team at the Indiana Daily Student, which consists of me, engagement editor Lexi Haskell, managing editor of digital Vivek Rao, social media editor Solange Reis and digital editor Maggie Anderson wants to help you get through the foreseeable without sports.

This is why we're launching Game day. Each Sunday, we'll be posting a new game for you to play. We want to give you that rush you've been missing.

Unfortunately, the remote nature of quarantine has required us to get a little creative. If we can't compete in person, what's the next best thing? Puzzles and logic games, of course! We're kicking off this new series with an IU trivia crossword puzzle.

Scroll down to see how well you know the university we all call home for the first edition of game day.

Created by Maggie Anderson, Vivek Rao and Solange Reis

Check your answers here.

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