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Brown County pig owners nail pig heads to trees in apparent joke


A pig head hangs on a tree near North County Line Road in Brown County, Indiana. There were a total of six pig heads on the property near Lake Lemon. Courtesy Photo

Drivers in Brown County recently had quite the surprise when they drove down North County Line Road and saw pig heads staring back at them from the trees.

The pig heads are an inside joke between friends, Amanda Sisson, Brown County Animal Control department head, said. Though she didn’t visit the property near Lake Lemon herself, she said other animal control employees told her there are six pig heads.

Sisson said the heads will be removed Wednesday by the owners, who were unaware of the Indiana law requiring the remains to be disposed of properly within 24 hours, through methods such as burying or cremating them. The pigs had been raised for slaughter and belonged to the property owners. Sisson didn't explain the joke further.

People in the Bloomington subreddit reacted with a mix of humor and complete horror when pictures began circulating. Many began to make jokes about reattaching the heads with Hog Tape, while others wondered if it was a warning for people who may want to enter the property, a fraternity initiation or a black metal concert set up.

"I think some of the posters in this sub are acting a little Pig-headed about this," one redditor commented.

Some commenters compared the grisly scene to a horror movie, while one commenter compared the scene to details from the book “Lord of the Flies,” when British schoolboys are marooned on an island and devolve into chaos and murder.

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