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Saturday, May 18
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Union Board hosts #Adulting event to help students find resources in college

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IU senior Dynasty Hubbard entered college with a dream of going into entrepreneurship, but, as the first of her family to attend college, she started out a bit lost. Now, she wants to help other students find their way. 

Hubbard is organizing #Adulting, an annual event put on by the Union Board, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Maple Room of the Indiana Memorial Union. The event is meant to help students find the resources for managing finances, health and more that are available to them. 

“I’m a first-generation college student, so everything I’ve done is literally trial and error,” Hubbard said. 

She said she encourages any first-generation student or any students who feels like they are being hit with adult responsibilities, such as managing finances and health, to come. 

Hubbard said she tried to make the speakers and topics diverse so as many resources are showcased as possible. Topics range from finances to studying abroad. 

Hubbard said networking and communicating may provide different opportunities to help students be informed and connected instead of frustrated about not knowing something.

While the primary audience for this event is college students, it is open to the general public. 

Sohile Ali, Union Board vice president of marketing, said this event can be especially helpful because college is often a student's first time alone, so it can be a lot to handle.  

Ali said college is a time for students to figure out who they want to be as adults, so he recommends they reflect to better understand the skills they already have and those they may need to further develop.

“I hope that any student that would come leaves feeling confident, feeling a little bit better equipped, ready to tackle the world,” Ali said.

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