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All IU students want for finals week is some stress relief

The IDS talked to students about how they reduce their finals week stress


Students color in coloring books in the Herman B Wells Library. The IDS talked to students about how they reduce their finals week stress. IDS file photo and Emily Berryman

As the end of the semester nears, many students are feeling the stress and anxiety of imminent final exams. Whether you are studying or finishing up (or just starting) final projects, everyone is feeling the weight of the most dreaded week of the year.

With only two official weeks left of classes, the Indiana Daily Student talked to some students to get tips on how to reduce stress and stay on top of your schoolwork. 

Everyone knows the basic stress reducers: eat right, get enough sleep, exercise and make sure you have some time to relax, but according to the CAPS website there are many other tricks you can use to reduce stress and do well on exams.

It is important to follow general study guidelines when preparing for exams, according to the CAPS website. They recommend coming up with a study plan and not cramming before an exam but pacing yourself to help you comprehend the information. It is always a good idea to take study breaks and give yourself incentives. 

Students have found different tricks to deal with finals stress.

“I like to write down all the things I have to do and make a list,” sophomore Jacob Wenth said. “I also think it’s helpful to study at Starbucks or the library where you will have less distractions.” 

Others echo elements of CAPS’ recommendations.

“Don’t procrastinate and start studying early,” sophomore Yetlanetzi Reyna said. “It is important to get sleep, so don’t wait until late at night to start studying. I really enjoy going to the library during the day, and I think the most helpful tool to use when studying is Quizlet.”  

After the exam freshman Maddie Burke recommends not being too harsh on yourself after the test. Make sure you give yourself that reward you promised yourself at the beginning, whether it’s buying that cute outfit or going to get ice cream.

“After exams, I like to treat myself to coffee,” Burke said. “I think it’s good to reward yourself after a long week of studying or doing work in general. I like to take the weekends to decompress and take a break from school.” 

CAPS is located on the fourth floor of the Health Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (812) 855-5711. For tutoring help, there are Academic Support Tutoring Centers and Writing Tutorial Service around campus. 

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