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Citizens Police Academy learns physical tactics


Citizens Police Academy students tried police physical tactics Tuesday night at the Public Safety Training Center on South Walnut Street. Anna Brown

Students in the Citizens Police Academy got to try their hands at police physical tactics Tuesday night at the Public Safety Training Center on South Walnut Street.

Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Elliott Jordan and Sgt. Brandon Siniard ran the students through a presentation on the tactics and use of force within the department.

Jordan said officers are taught a decision making process called the OODA Loop when it comes to physical force. The acronym stands for observe, orient, decide and act. The officer must first observe the situation and then orient themselves. He said the officer must then decide whether or not to take action. He said officers are asked to complete the tasks in order, if they deem they are necessary. 

“This is a constant process that we’re going through here,” Jordan said. 

Following the presentation, Jordan and Siniard covered the floor in blue gymnastics mats. They brought out a bag full of training weapons to show the class. They passed around dull training knives and fake orange and blue guns.

Jordan and Siniard asked the class for volunteers to participate in the physical tactics demonstration. The five volunteers gathered around the mats and watched the sergeants go through the moves.

The first tactic was the straight armbar. Jordan placed his left hand on Siniard’s left wrist. 

“Hey man turn around,” Jordan said. “Put your hands behind your back.” 

For the sake of the demonstration, Siniard ignored Jordan and tensed up. Jordan placed his right hand on Siniard’s tricep and rolled his arm back. He took his wrist and turned it to the ground. 

Jordan applied force and then pushed Siniard down to the ground. He made a thud against the mat, with his arm still locked behind his back.

One by one, the students tried out the straight armbar on Jordan as he coached them through it. Grip the wrist, then the tricep. Turn the arm and then force them down. 

Jordan and Siniard also ran the students through a bent armbar and grappling. The sergeants acted with ease as they conducted the moves with another, finding their way out of every position.

Now with week 10 of Citizens Police Academy in the books and some physical tactic training under their belts, the students will graduate from the 11-week program next Tuesday.

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