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Friday, June 21
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Kinsey Institute receives $2 million donation


IU and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction recently announced it has received a $2 million donation from Scott C. Schurz in order to further research at the institute. 

The Bicentennial Endowed Chair will be used to support the Kinsey Institute’s research and education on human sexuality and relationships. It is the hope the Endowed Chair will recruit new faculty and researchers as well as support their individual projects, according to a press release.

The Kinsey Institute focuses on research, education and information services. The institute is accredited with many research projects that are known around the world. These include the Kinsey Institute’s Condom Use Research Team, which studies condom usage and reasons why condoms can fail, as well as the Kinsey Institute’s Traumatic Stress Research Consortium, which studies the changes of physical health, emotional well-being and physiology in the aftermath of trauma, especially sexual trauma, according to acting Executive Director Justin Garcia. 

“I hope my gift will encourage other philanthropic giving to support the unique scientific and scholarly work of the Kinsey Institute,” Schurz said. 

The Kinsey Institute was founded in 1947 by Dr. Alfred Kinsey to research and study sex and relationships. Its mission is to foster and promote greater understanding of human sexuality by being the premier research institute on human sexuality and relationships, according to the Kinsey Institute website.

“The Kinsey Institute is one of IU’s precious gems, and one that deserves our admiration and support, I want to make sure the institute maintains its prominence at IU and globally, and I hope this gift will provide the research team with the additional resources needed to tackle some of the most interesting and complex issues surrounding human sexuality today,” Schurz said.  

The Kinsey Institute also entered into a new partnership with the Kelley School of Business in order to better understand sexual harassment in the workplace, Garcia said.

“There’s a lot of hot topics socially that we have the opportunity to study,” Garcia said. 

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