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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

IUPD receives reports of white supremacist flyers


The IU Police Department received reports of various flyers found on campus allegedly distributed by white supremacist groups on Sunday and Monday. 

IUPD Chief Jill Lees did not disclose what the flyers said, but said they targeted certain groups.

They were found on Sunday at a parking lot near Memorial Stadium and on Monday at the Musical Arts Center, Bryan House and Cook Hall. Lees said she believes the flyer found on Sunday was from a different group than the ones found on Monday.

She said the flyers are different from the flyers found Aug. 5, and does not believe these came from the Ku Klux Klan. 

IUPD is investigating the flyers, but Lees said the department also acknowledge freedom of speech. 

“You have a lot of different people that believe a lot of different things too,” Lees said. “You want to preserve the freedom of speech but you always want to make sure that safety is important as well.”

Lees said there is no reason to take any extra precautions at this time as IUPD doesn’t know the intentions behind the flyers and there have been no crimes tied to them. 

Lees suggests people report any of these flyers or any information tied to them to IUPD. 

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