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Monday, Dec. 11
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REVIEW: Jonas Brothers’ new album “Happiness Begins,” is well worth the wait


Happiness has officially begun with the highly anticipated release of the Jonas Brothers’ fifth studio album “Happiness Begins.”

It's been ten years since the breakup of the brothers as a band, and this album was definitely worth the wait. It’s the perfect mix of the Jonas Brothers' old sound with a fresh, new sound as well.

The album kicks off with the chart-topping single “Sucker,” followed by second single “Cool.” It’s a nice introduction to some familiar songs before diving into the rest of the album.

The following songs are a good collection of upbeat, fun jams and some romantic, heartfelt ballads. “Happiness Begins” also includes some nostalgic songs as well by singing about getting back together.

"We were up-and-down and barely made it over, but I'd go back and ride that roller coaster with you," are some of the lyrics in "Rollercoaster."

For the ballads, “Hesitate” and “Love Her” are the standouts. The lyrics touch the heart and are paired with catchy beats. It will have anyone wishing the songs were written about them.

“Only Human” is the third track on the album and also the first new song after the singles. Its sound is reminiscent of Joe’s former band DNCE due to the quirkier sound and more instruments being used.

On the other hand, songs like “Used To Be” and “Every Single Time” sound more similar to Nick’s solo career. These songs are more R&B sounding with a small, sultry twist to them.

The songs that really make the album as great as it is are the final two. “Rollercoaster,” possibly the best of the bunch, brings the memories and nostalgia of the old Jo Bros not only through the lyrics but with the sound as well because of its resemblance to their older music. It is a rollercoaster of emotions for any hardcore fan.

“Comeback” is the final song and gives similar feelings as “Rollercoaster” through the more emotional lyrics about the band. It is titled fittingly for their comeback album and also describing an inevitable coming back to someone no matter what.

"If you're lost on the way then I'll get lost, too. Come back to me, baby, I'll come back to you," go some of the lyrics in "Comeback."

“Happiness Begins” is exactly what every Jonas Brothers fan would want, but it's also an album that everyone else would enjoy as well. It offers a variety of different sounds for any type of listener, but it also remains true to what the Jonas Brothers have always been: a family band.

It may have taken ten years to get new Jonas Brothers music, but Joe, Nick and Kevin made sure to deliver.

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