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Saturday, June 15
The Indiana Daily Student

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Counterfeit bill reported at Circle K on Walnut Street


A woman was tricked into giving change for a counterfeit $100 bill, Bloomington Police Department Capt. Ryan Pedigo said.

A woman told police three young black men were outside of the Circle K gas station located at 1115 S Walnut St. when one of the men approached her and asked for change for a $100 bill.

She gave him five $20  bills before entering the Circle K to purchase a money order with the $100 bill.

The clerk inside initially completed the money order with the bill because the line was getting longer, and he didn’t want to keep people waiting, Pedigo said, but after the line cleared he looked at the bill again and confirmed it to be counterfeit with a counterfeit detection marker.

The clerk said the bill didn’t feel right. The bill did not have Chinese writing on it like fake money used in recent cases.

Police are trying to get video footage of the parking lot to confirm the woman’s story.

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