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Friday, Dec. 8
The Indiana Daily Student


Kavanaugh’s confirmation sparks Bloomington protest

Kavanugh Protest

Yells of “No justice, just us” filled Kirkwood Avenue on Oct. 9 as a group of about 30 protesters marched from Sample Gates to the Monroe County Courthouse.

The group was protesting the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was voted in Oct. 6 amidst allegations of sexual assault from Christine Blasey Ford.

Some held signs made by the protest organizers, members of the Young Democratic Socialists of America at IU, while others brought their own.

The signs had phrases like “corrupt body is a corrupt system” and “#No Justice Just Us.”

YDSA member-at-large, Thomas Metcalf, said the purpose of the protest was to get talking about the issues raised by Kavanaugh’s confirmation. They mentioned they felt Kavanaugh is a threat to marginalized people, the environment and communities.

Metcalf said they started planning the protest with other political student organizations right after Kavanaugh was confirmed. 

YDSA member Rishi Raman spoke in front of the Sample Gates to start off the protest. 

“He’s obviously a sexual harasser,” Raman said to protesters. “We have to fight that. We have to fight him. We have to fight Trump.” 

He said people need to fight anyone who hates minority groups. Protesters cheered and snapped once he was done speaking. 

YDSA member Tommy DeNardo then encouraged others to speak. 

“We want to hear from everyone,” he said. “This affects all of us.” 

Raegan Davis, president of College Democrats at IU, stepped onto the ledge of one of the flower beds as she spoke. 

She said she would be mad and riot if Brett Kavanaugh does anything to Roe v. Wade or other landmark cases.

“Even if you don’t believe the woman, the fact is this is a person who is incredibly dangerous,” she said.

Abby Ang with Indivisible Bloomington spoke next and encouraged people to vote but added discussion cannot end there. She also spoke about how she felt Ford was treated. 

“We can’t just believe woman when it's convenient politically,” she said. 

After that, the group set off down Kirkwood Avenue. 

Metcalf said once they got to the courthouse, a few more protesters spoke and then it ended. 

“Overall, I think it went very well considering it was organized on such short notice,” Metcalf said after the event. “We think it’s a good step toward getting people mobilized and demanding that the government be accountable to us.”

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