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Monday, Oct. 2
The Indiana Daily Student

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Man arrested for public nudity appeared to be driving imaginary race car


Police responded Tuesday night to reports of a fully-nude man yelling, pacing in circles, swinging his underwear around and making engine noises in the hallway of his apartment complex. 

Witnesses told police the man appeared to be driving an imaginary race car.

Officers heard yelling and found Jacob Bradshaw, 36, naked in a stairwell in the Midtown Lofts apartments on South College Avenue.

Though Bradshaw was holding a towel, according to police, it was not covering his genitals.

Bradshaw told officers he was showering when his friends took his shorts — part of an ongoing prank — and he was in the hallway trying to find them. He confirmed to police he does own more than one pair of shorts.

One witness told police he or she heard yelling for about 45 minutes before calling 911. At least two residents reported the incident.

Officers reported Bradshaw’s pupils were restricted, and he was sweating profusely at the time of his arrest. Police said he admitted to drinking alcohol but denied taking any illegal drugs.

Bradshaw’s preliminary charges include public nudity and public intoxication.

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