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"Find your passion then work towards it": IU leaders offer advice for incoming students

Orienter 2018
Orienter 2018

Doug Bauder, Director, LGBTQ+ Culture Center 

Starting your IU experience? Promise yourself that you'll not just eat at one of Bloomington's great 'ethnic' restaurants, but that you'll get to know some international students as friends; that you'll not just read about the research of Alfred Kinsey, but that you'll hang out with some students who identify themselves as 'gender fluid, gay or queer,' that you'll not just spend time with friends from high school, but that you'll drop by the First Nations Cultural Center, or La Casa or the Black Culture Center and participate in the programs they have to offer. Promise yourself that you'll open your mind to new experiences and I promise YOU that your days at IU will be rich and rewarding in so many ways. 

Laury Flint was appointed IU Police Chief after serving as interim chief following Keith Cash's death.

Laury Flint, IUPD-Bloomington Chief

Do the right thing.  It sounds so simple, but it is often the most difficult choice.  Your friends are counting on you to have their best interests at heart.  Don’t let them down.

Melanie J. Payne.jpg

Melanie Payne, Director, New Student Orientation 

Don’t assume that just because someone is not at all like you in beliefs, experiences or culture, that you can’t be friends. Find that exact person and be friends.

Ceci Jerry, President, Indiana Memorial Union Board of Directors

My one word of advice for incoming students is to learn. Learn as much as possible about Indiana University, its resources, the people you live with in your residence halls, and even finding your niche on campus. Gain as much knowledge in your time here both inside and outside of the classroom. Our university has so much to offer and sometimes it may be overwhelming, but it will ultimately make your college experience worthwhile. I find myself learning something new every day, which has been the pinnacle of my own time at Indiana University. By utilizing my friends and staff members on campus I have now created my own sense of community at such a large institution.
Ask questions, gain experience, improve your thinking, and be kind always. The true Hoosier way.

Melanie Castillo-Cullather, Director, IU Asian Culture Center

"Transitions in life can be exciting and challenging at the same time. My advice to freshmen is to keep things cool and easy. Remember there are many opportunities in front of you and this is a good time to explore them.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Get to know the people whose academic work you admire and learn from, be involved in one or two organizations whose missions align with your values, and most of all, enjoy meeting new friends. If you ever feel alone or need someone to talk to, you are always welcome to come and hang out with us at the Asian Culture Center."

Lillian Casillas, director of La Casa Latino Cultural Center
Courtney Deckard

Lillian Casillas-Origel, Director, La Casa/Latino Cultural Center

"Students must be their own strongest advocates and take active role is seeking support or help immediately when things become challenging.”

Rabbi Sue Silberberg.jpg

Rabbi Sue Silberberg, Executive Director, Helene G. Simon Hillel Center

You are on the brink of an exciting, new beginning at an excellent and caring University.  As you prepare to open the doors to a new chapter of our life, you have a wonderful opportunity to shape your future and change the world.  You will be challenged and have the privilege of building a community, learning from your professors and textbooks in the classroom, but more importantly, learning outside the classroom, from your friends, from the celebrations and happiness that you find and, also, from the challenges that you will inevitably face and overcome.  As you build your future over the next four years, may you integrate into your life the values of social responsibility, caring, and compassion. May you strive to do good every day and to make our campus and our community an even better place. 

James Wimbush, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs

To all incoming students, congratulations and welcome! I’m so thrilled you chose Indiana University for this next stage in your journey and I look forward to your renewing presence on campus this fall. As you begin to acquaint yourselves with Bloomington, I hope you’ll enjoy the promising experiences and budding relationships in front of you. I encourage you to take full advantage of all IU has to offer. Enjoy the campus. Get involved. Participate in the array of opportunities happening throughout the year. Above all, know you are supported and encouraged to broaden your horizons and do your best work.

davis oguinn.jpg

Dave O'Guinn, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 

“Get involved.  In fact, you are more likely to graduate in four years if you make connections with peers and mentors within your first semester on campus.  I encourage you to attend the Student Involvement Fair on Monday, August 20 from 3 to 7 pm in Dunn Meadow, and to use the beINvolved online system to find an organization and track all your campus involvements. If you are ever struggling to find your place on campus, reach out to me and the Division of Student Affairs staff.  My team and I are always here to help.”

Junior Alex Wisniewski is the president of the Voice IUSA ticket which one the IU Student Association election for 2018-2019. IUSA joined other Big Ten student governments to critique the PROSPER act, a new education bill making its way through Congress.
Junior Alex Wisniewski is the president of the Voice IUSA ticket which one the IU Student Association election for 2018-2019. IUSA joined other Big Ten student governments to critique the PROSPER act, a new education bill making its way through Congress. Emily Abshire

Alex Wisniewski, President, Indiana University Student Association

"All people are created equal, some just work harder. Find your passion then work towards it." 

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