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Voice IUSA declared official winner of student government election


Junior Alex Wisniewski speaks at a debate for the IU Student Association elections on the Voice IUSA ticket. Voice officially won the election despite facing a 10 percent deduction in votes due to a finance violation. Jiatong Zou

The IU Student Association voting results are official. Voice IUSA has won the election, certified April 11 by the IUSA Supreme Court. 

Voice received 1,610 votes out of 2,895 ballots cast, 10 percent of which were deducted due to violations. Reform IUSA came in second with 764 votes, and Unite IU received 476 votes. Forty-five voters abstained.

In addition, each congressional candidate for the tickets obtained more votes than abstentions and was eligible to be sworn into office.

Even though Voice’s ticket was deducted 10 percent of their votes because they didn’t record seven donors’ email addresses in their financial statement, it still obtained a majority of the vote. 

The Supreme Court revisited two appeals of the Election Commission decisions April 9, one regarding Voice’s financial violation and the other concerning Reform’s appointment of a new treasurer after the voting period closed.

The court approved the commission’s ruling that Reform was still eligible to run in the election. However, their initial conclusion that Voice should have been deducted 5 percent for each email address it didn’t record was overruled. 

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