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Weekly Takes

Each week, the Editorial Board meets to discuss some of our opinions. These are just a few of them. 

Josh Hoffer: The best part of spring is when it's late enough to be warm, but early enough that the insects haven't come back yet.

Neeta Patwari: Sinus headaches are the worst. There's a dull pressure in your forehead and you can't breathe. 

Miranda Garbaciak: Charging $65 for a tour of an impoverished area and only giving $5 of this money back to the community is only perpetuating the system, not helping the people. 

Matthew Waterman: If every restaurant had Fazoli's unlimited free breadstick policy, I would eat out every meal and my body mass would be 86 percent breadstick.

Anne Anderson: It's unfair most gluten free beers are also IPAs.  

Maddy Klein: Rosé is the superior wine.

Emma Getz: Even though they have competing 2018 film releases, the bears Paddington and Winnie the Pooh would not fight, but rather be friends. 

Ethan Smith: IU's primary concern should be hiring dog walkers to walk dogs around campus to boost students' morale. 

Julia Bourkland: A café au lait is a better, more sophisticated version of a latte. 

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