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Saturday, April 20
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Keeping your new tattoo clean, healthy and vibrant

Tattoo artist Kayla Sunell works on a client July 11, 2016, in MPLS Tattoo Shop in Minneapolis. There are several steps to take to properly care for a tattoo, the main point being to clean the tattoo often. 

So you finally decided on an awesome design, picked a talented artist and got yourself a tattoo. But your tattoo journey isn't over yet. In fact, perhaps the most important part has just started — aftercare. Here's how to care for your new tattoo, according to WebMD.

How to care for a tattoo

  1. Ask your tattoo artist to cover your new tattoo with petroleum jelly and a bandage.
  2. Listen to your tattoo artist on how long to keep your bandage on.
  3. Usually after one day, remove the bandage and gently wash the area with antimicrobial soap and water. Pat dry.
  4. Apply antibacterial lotion two times a day.
  5. Wash your tattoo several times each day with soap and water before gently patting it dry.
  6. Continue to apply moisturizer after you clean and dry the tattoo.
  7. Repeat this process for two to four weeks after getting your tattoo.

Tips and tricks

  • Avoid tight clothes that will stick to your tattoo.
  • Avoid swimming or staying out in the sun for two weeks.
  • Avoid hot water, which may hurt and fade your ink. Instead, take a cool shower.
  • Always put sunscreen on your tattoo to keep the colors vibrant. Aim for sunscreen that is SPF 45 or higher.
  • Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.
  • If your tattoo scabs, remember that this is usually normal. Just don’t pick at it, scratch it or peel it.
  • If you think your tattoo is infected, go see your doctor.
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