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COLUMN: The expected revival of Vine may not be the same as it was before

Remaking something that did really well the first time around doesn’t sit well with me.

As an avid vine watcher – and, I’ll admit it, poster – I was originally excited about the second coming of Vine, v2, but then I thought about it a little bit more.

I’ll get right to the point – I expect v2 to flop.

Similar to “Fuller House” trying to gain traction on Netflix after “Full House,” I suspect people will be into it for about a week or so.

The problem with this new platform is while people will want to get into it, some of the best former Viners are already working on other projects that take up their time.

Some of my favorite vine creators, like CodyKo and Liza Koshy, are putting their time and effort into other platforms.

CodyKo currently runs three podcasts, uploads to a YouTube channel, and is working on his acting career. Koshy posts to a YouTube channel; works with companies like Beats by Dre and Nike; and is currently filming her own show, "Liza on Demand."

Vine was something that, as my friends say, reprogrammed my brain.

I used to spend hours browsing the app, and after it was deleted, I spent hours watching vine compilations on YouTube – something I still do, by the way. So, though I think it may flop, I’m still a bit hopeful.

You may be thinking, “Vines are only six seconds long, so it’ll be really easy for them to post, though, right?”

Technically, this is true, but if you think about how long it took for the quality Viners to film something they were proud of, Viners that return to the app with the same content that helped them create their careers may be few and far between.

Also, since a majority of top Viners moved over to YouTube or began acting careers, their ideas and time will be funneled elsewhere.

I think the former Viners will post on v2 at first, but then slowly fade out, because they’ll realize they need to think of ideas for several platforms already – YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat – and these may already take up most of their time.

However, I will say that v2 may bring new creators into play. While I suspect previous creators may be too busy for the app, people who are new to the game may be able to gain traction using v2.

Obviously, as a self-proclaimed world’s largest Vine fan, I will be downloading the app to keep up with all of the Viners and see if it’s anything good. 

Since the release of Vine in 2013, I don’t think I’ve gone more than a day without quoting a video from the app. I have my fingers crossed that I’m wrong about v2, and I’ll be able to have even more videos to quote, but something in my gut tells me it just won’t be the same.

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