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Dylan Moore: People from the Region need to stop saying they are from Chicago.

Maggie Eickhoff:
Former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney is the most devilishly handsome Republican out there, and at 70 years old, his skin is absolutely glowing. He needs to publish his skincare routine ASAP.

Miranda Garbaciak: The pope is woke.

Carmen Carigan:
I could have written about reducing gun violence this week, but all my points have been made so many times. When did hot takes on gun violence become cliché?

Lucas Robinson:
Saudi Arabia makin' moves.

Julia Bourkland:
The Democratic Party had an amazing victory in Virginia with the election of Ralph Northam as governor, but Virginia residents must ensure he pushes pro-immigration policy for the state and protects the livelihood of their legally unrecognized neighbors.

Maddy Klein:
TD's Peachy is the best smoothie at Soma, plain and simple.

Neeta Patwari:
Music is awesome, but what's not awesome is that your music is up so loud I can perfectly hear the entire album you're listening to through your headphones.

Anne Anderson:
Gluten-free bread should not be so expensive. I should not be punished for having sensitive guts.

Josh Hoffer:
All bookstores should have at least one resident cat.

Emma Getz:
Honestly? Scientology sounds kind of fun.

Ethan Smith:
Public schools should start implementing compulsory music and dance classes for all students K-12.

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