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Disappear with “Disappear Here”


Bad Suns released their single “This Was a Home Once” on Oct. 5. The song showcases the same poppy, indie-rock sound the fact as their sophomore album, “Disappear Here," which was released on Sept. 15, 2016.  Photo courtesy of Bad Suns Buy Photos

Bad Suns released its sophomore album, "Disappear Here," a little over a year ago, Sept. 15, 2016. It has since made its way back into the indie-rock scene with “This Was a Home Once” on Oct. 5. 

The song showcases how its poppy, indie-rock sound hasn’t changed a bit over the past year.

I've been a fan of Bad Suns since its 2014 "Language & Perspective," and have yet to dislike one of its songs. When I listen to one song, I move on and listen to entire albums for days on end. 

Its music captivates and entertains, and it proved this with "This Was a Home Once." Hearing its newest single sent me into another Bad Suns spiral which caused me to revisit its most recent album, "Disappear Here." 

The four-man band was formed in Woodland Hills, California in 2012. The members, vocalist Christo Bowman, drummer Miles Morris, guitarist Ray Libby and bassist Gavin Bennett, were between 19 and 22 when they formed the band.

Bad Suns’ first EP, “Transpose,” was released in 2013 and consisted of four songs. Three songs, “Cardiac Arrest,” “Salt” and “Transpose” were also put on its first studio album “Language & Perspective,” released in 2014. 

“Language & Perspective” gave the indie rock band the attention it deserved, landing it on the Huffington Post’s 23 best albums of 2014 list. 

Bad Suns’ debut album is a rare indie release with little excess amongst its singles,” Jessica Goodman and Ryan Kristobak said in the article.

“Cardiac Arrest” was a song from “Language & Perspectice” that gained massive attention and frequent radio play, and rightfully so. The guitar and drums in the song flow gracefully with Bowman’s unique voice, which have carried the track to more than 40 million plays on Spotify. 

I thought it was going to be difficult to follow up, but Bad Suns proved me wrong with its newest album that opens with “Disappear Here” and “Heartbreaker,” two songs that remind me of “Cardiac Arrest" with its airy beats and choruses that are easy to sing along with.

The upbeat album maintained Bad Suns’ signature sound, consisting of 13 songs that run to be a little more than 45 minutes long. 

“Disappear Here” is filled with bubbly, windows-down-on-the-highway style tunes. The upbeat songs are paired with introspective lyrics, making the listener bop around while also thinking deeply. 

The lyrics are easy to belt out with a friend, or alone. Some songs have a more depressing lyrical feel to them, while others, like “Patience,” create and air of lightness and happiness. But they all contain danceable beats.

“I’ve been writing my thoughts down to clear my mind/To try and figure out my brain/To confront and set aside my pain,” Bowman sings in “Patience.”

Between upbeat songs like “Patience” and “Swimming in the Moonlight” about love and happiness, there are songs like “Maybe We’re Meant to Be Alone” with depressing lyrics backed with the alternative-rock music.

“Sometimes I fantasize about faking my own death/Just to see how it would make you feel,” Bowman sings as the music swells before the poppy post-chorus comes back in and he sings, “Maybe we’re meant to be alone” over and over.

Bad Suns has a different sound, inspired by ‘70s and ‘80s post-punk pioneers like the Cure, and the band never fails to have the listeners tapping their feet or moving their bodies in some way. 

“Disappear Here” is a waking up early and cooking breakfast at 6 a.m. when your day doesn’t start until 1 p.m., type of album. 

It’s the album you play when you’re on the highway and you’re beginning to feel a little sleepy, so you open your windows and blast the music. The instruments and lyrics create a productive, buoyant atmosphere that enhance your day and wake you up in the best way. 

The album makes listeners feel like they are in a dream world, full of hypnotically chipper tunes. The lyrics keep listeners engaged and thinking as they drift around.

Bad Suns is currently on its Love Like Revenge tour, and will be heading to places like Washington D.C., Houston and Orlando, Florida before ending in Las Vegas. 

This week's playlist is full of upbeat tunes perfect brighten up rainy, dreay days. No. 12 "too Bad the Suns not out" features artists like Smallpools, Colony House, Bad Suns and Two Door Cinema Club. The playlist is great for that morning walk to class in the freezing rain or a late night hangout with friends. Listen here.

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