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Monday, Dec. 4
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: A third path

We are, at last, nearing the end of this election, for better or for worse. It has inarguably been the most vitriolic, divisive, tumultuous election in living memory. The presidential candidates of the two main parties are possibly the most hated in American history. The Democratic nominee is a consummate politician with a long history of being tied to corruption. Now, the revelation of her campaign emails and speeches has demonstrated Hillary Clinton’s true dishonesty to the world. Meanwhile, the Republican nominee’s campaign spiral has grown more disgusting and cruel with each passing day. Whether it be normalizing sexual assault or tolerating white supremacists, Donald Trump has shown himself to be a man with little regard for human rights or human decency. Many Americans look at Election Day in fear, frightened of what will happen to our country with either candidate at the helm.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our choices don’t have to be between two authoritarians elevated by corrupt parties. America can have an honest, decent president who stands for the rights of all people. To do this, we must abandon the status quo. The Democrats and Republicans are stuck in the past, and their monopoly on power is only dragging us down. In the latest Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans identified as independents. Faced with two poor candidates, we must find a third way. Our choice for that third way is Libertarian Gary Johnson. He has had some gaffes in regards to foreign policy where he seeks peace and trade, but he has two traits in spades above Clinton and Trump: successful executive experience, and more importantly, a fundamental sense of decency. We call upon our fellow students to choose decency as well.

Tyler Combs


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