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Saturday, April 20
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion editorial

EDITORIAL: Primaries show us what we already know

The Indiana Primaries were last Tuesday, and we hope you voted because the results might have been shocking to some.

Donald Trump won 53.3 percent of the vote in the Republican primary while Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary with 52.7 

The results of this primary had an effect on the appearance of the rest of the campaign season, but the Editorial Board isn’t convinced the results changed much about your choice come next 

For the Republicans, Trump took 57 more delegates and left Cruz and especially Kasich even further in the dust. Politico reported Cruz was mathematically excluded from the nomination a week before the Indiana primary, but apparently common sense wasn’t enough to stop his campaign.

It took the absolute whooping in Indiana, and the losses in the northeast to hammer the last nail into his campaign’s coffin.

Kasich also announced his withdrawal from the race Wednesday , but who was he kidding, anyway?

This just leaves Trump, which is disheartening, but not unexpected.

As for the Democrats, Sanders was a pleasant surprise. However, he still came away with one less delegate than Clinton.

At this point, despite the surprising success of Sanders’ campaign, it’s still most likely we are looking at a Clinton 

According to CNN, Sanders would need more than 100 percent of the remaining votes to get the nomination. Some still have faith in a contested convention, but it will be close either way.

Whether or not Sanders still has a chance, his presence in the race has brought about the change he set out for.

It has brought awareness to his main issues, like economic inequality, and has forced Clinton further to the left to meet him.

Whether or not he has a chance in the election, we hope he sticks it out, if only to continue to hold Clinton to the promises she has made to try and appease Sanders’ supporters.

Either way, despite what might seem like large upsets in the wake of the Indiana primary, the results seems to have solidified what everyone paying attention already kind of new.

Come next November, it’ll most likely be Clinton versus Trump, and it’s hard to say if anyone will be able to truly call themselves a winner.

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