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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student

REAL wins IUSA elections in preliminary results

Students from the REAL campaign encourage students to vote for the IUSA elections Wednesday at the arberetum. The IUSA elections took place from April 6 to April 7.

REAL for IUSA has won the IU Student Association elections with 2,806 votes based on preliminary results reported by the IUSA Elections Commission on Friday.

Accelerate IUSA received 1,477 votes and RISE for IUSA received 2,040 votes. In total, 6,448 students 

REAL President Sara Zaheer said when she heard the results she was so thrilled to see how happy everyone was.

What Zaheer enjoyed about this campaign was seeing how students could come together and work to make the campus a better place.

“I am so happy with every single person that put so much work into this campaign and worked endlessly and tirelessly,” Zaheer said.

Although these early results show REAL winning, that could change based on complaints and vote 

All tickets had until 8 p.m. Friday to submit final complaints. The election commission has spent the weekend going over all complaints.

If the commission decides to accept a complaint, they then compared and decided any vote deduction based on infractions from previous years.

If the infraction was more severe than any in the past, the commission held a public hearing to decide what percentage of votes a ticket will be deducted.

All complaints and written decisions will be available to the public on a bulletin board outside the IUSA Office within 24 hours of a public hearing, according to the election code.

If any tickets would like to file an appeal after a complaint decision, they have until Monday afternoon to do so.

During the last two hectic days, Election Commission Chairman Adam Kehoe said he was very pleased by the ticket’s efforts in campaigning and sharing what IUSA is with the 
student body.

“I’m pleased with the turnout and all three tickets’ quality of platforms and policies,” Kehoe said. “It was a great two days and really cool to see students 
turn out.”

The election commission will take the weekend to review all complaints and 

Although there is no exact timeline set, the final results will most likely be decided by Tuesday or Wednesday, Kehoe said.

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