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Wednesday, Nov. 29
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

Letter: Re: “Hillary Clinton has no soul”

Indiana Daily Student opinion columnist Therin Showalter has no brain — or at least, that’s what one might write of his scorching hot takes on Hillary Clinton using the same argumentative finesse employed in his two 500-word Reddit comments mysteriously published in the IDS.

I understand there are people who have legitimate policy differences with Clinton. I think debating those differences is entirely a good a thing. Unfortunately, Mr. Showalter’s vapid platitudes/Sanders campaign talking points entirely miss a legitimate discussion among Democrats about constructivism vs. incrementalism, which each candidate respectively represents.

Instead, what Mr. Showalter’s opinion on Clinton really seems to be is cherry-picked and predictably sexist hot air labeling one of the most accomplished women in history a “soulless, power-hungry politician” who, according to the columnist, is the moral equivalent of 
Donald Trump.

If the columnist is astonished why such a sinister figure like the former Secretary of State is winning, it’s perhaps because she has exactly what he claims she lacks.

In fact, she has so much of it that it’s the reason she’s helped many of the 
communities now powering her campaign, which have also incidentally rejected Sanders because of the simple fact he hasn’t.

Maybe Sanders doesn’t lack soul, but he must surely be lacking something else when the biggest accomplishment of his political career has been in fact been running against Clinton.

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